Double D - The Engagement

Denise and Deano (aka Double D) have to be one of Wellington's cutest couples to get married in a few weeks time. They are the perfect match for each other and love every little bit about each other. Both of them are real urbanites who love Wellington best from dusk till dawn!

To really match their personality and life style for their engagement photoshoot we made sure to stay far away from all things non-urban and non-citylike...

We had a great time around cuba street and it's many alleyways and bars and then went back to direction Courtenay Place.

I love love love their images. They are edgy, different, a wee bit crazy and warm or better hot hot hot...just the way they are especially when they are together.

I'm going to Denise's hens do tomorrow so as a little pre-party lets indulge our eyes with their photos..

Denise has a very passionate and vibrant personality. As opposites attract Deano is a super laid-back guy who seems to cruise through life. This first image is one of Denise's favourites of Deano as it is SO him and really shows what I meant with laid-back and cruisy...huh? It actually also portrays Denise's personality in a great way. You can just imagine her saying to Deano teastingly: "Come on Deano, let's go!"

In one of the groovy alleyways of Wellington

Another great series of shots. Perfect to put into one frame...I believe Denise and Deano have this one on their wall already..

Although Denise and Deano are not much into greenery and did take them to the Garden Club on Courtenay. I love the lushness of the plants they have their which makes for a great backdrop...

this reminds me of the urbanites way of the garden Eden.

Denise could not look happier! Look at her ring: Deano designed it which absolutely rocked her world. She loves the ring so much that it became THE ring meaning there will be no additional wedding band.

Dare to be different...I love it!

And the perfect farewell shot for now....

More amazing images of their wedding images are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Take care,