Today's blog is also a bit different so let's just make this the theme of this week. It's my wedding anniversary today. This year is big for my husband Sam and I not because it's officially 4 years but if you ask him it's actually 10. Well, he means that in a good way as we both agree that we were married pretty much the moment we met. Unlike some other couples that do things step-by-step instead of skipping a few in between we moved together two weeks after seeing each other. Life has been a whirlwind ever since where I almost wait to get bored at some stage. Sam is the rock in our lives, he's is there when things go bad or when you may think that there is only one way. He'll tell you: No, there is always more than one way.

We met in Dublin, then lived in London, Munich and in Wellington for the last big part of our lives together. Lot's of people who know us believe that we approach life and it's possibilities a little different to others...that probably why we keep pulling the ground away under some of them if we tell them of our latest ideas and future plans. We know that we're pretty much as opposite as you could be which can make things interesting at times but also gives us that spark and pull factor that keeps us alive.

So this Blog entry is to my love Sam who has managed to be with me for 10 years now. The passionate hot-head I am, he's never far around the corner to make sense of it all and translate the world to me the Sam-way.

To us and the celebration of life which we may only live once so we better do it right.

Jenny took some great shots of us and our son Noah a few days ago. It was a loud and wild shoot, which pretty much hit the nail on the head. Thank you Jenny.

This first image is one of Sam's typical expressions:

and this is another one...he's got humour!

This is our son Noah who is experiencing an outburst of happiness in this shot....he loved the entire photo session with his Papa and Mama, very special

Another scream of joy...this is the way he always is....I guess he is learning from the masters

Us watching the little sneak as we often call Noah

And this is one I would like to finish with. One of my favourites as it is so the way they are together...real boys, rough and tumble

I hope you liked this little journey into my life. Often once you have kids your couple-ness can suffer meaning, that the kids go first in everything you tackle during the everyday life. It's important to take time off together and spend time as a couple. Celebrate yourself as a couple. One way for me was to have this photo session and end up with some great images of Sam and I which can go up our walls instead of only having our sunshine Noah everywhere. The funny thing is that kids seem to enjoy looking at their parents pictures more than it's a win-win situation. Yay!

I look forward to our next 10 years. Love you very much.

Sabrina xox

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