Jo and Justin - Great things take time

Last Saturday I went to Jo and Justin's wedding at the Wallaceville House. I love wedding there as it's really secluded and instantly puts you into a bit of a slower pace that let's you see things in sometimes new ways. The title for Jo and Justin's wedding is "Great things take time". Jo and Justin will know instantly what I mean with that however you won't so I will fill you in a little. Jo and Justin met 13 years ago and have been happy ever after.  As the years went by, and I mean MANY years, Jo was starting to wonder a little. Then two years ago just after they decided to pack up and move to Adelaide she said to him: "Justin, this wedding thing, it's not going to happen, is it?"

Justin was probably pulled out of his socks and answered something like (and this is not a quote!) "No, not true. I would like to marry you. How about you?" Jo said: "Yes! So should we go shopping then?"

I cracked up when I heard this story as it is so much them. Justin was probably forever waiting for the great idea or occasion to ask her until Jo just hit the nail on the head and thought: "Let's not spend our money on a swanky proposal but let's put it into the actual wedding!" And that they did. The wedding was absolutely lovely and Jo did an outstanding job in organising more or less every little detail of it. Very impressive.

So let's start with a few getting ready photos.  Jo had her very best friend Jac as her matron of honour. Together they went to Whitby to the hairdresser Jac has been using for 20 years, you can't get better credit than that to trust someone with your hair for the big day! She did a great job indeed. The make-up was also done close-by which looked absolutely fabulous and kept looking fabulous over the whole day which was important as the ceremony was quite a bit later.

When they were back Jo started to get everything ready and into place. We had a good amount of time on our hands which is absolutely lovely as it gave us time for some champaign and snacks to sit down and talk with each other for a good while which is kind of luxury on wedding days.

This first photo shows Jo's beautiful hair off really well. She was busy unpacking her and Jac gowns..

This is Jo's wedding necklace. Something really different I thought which made me want to show it to you. Jo was wonderful in carefully matching all colours to her colour scheme of the day. She found this necklace and matching bracelet only very shortly before the wedding and fell in love with it..."no matter what it costs" she thought and bought both. It was the perfect match to mirror her matron of honour's dress colour which was a medium grey and than had white accents in it as well. Well here it is and wait until you can see her wearing it to really make it shine!

As I mentioned before Jo did a tremendious job with looking after every detail of the wedding. One of the most important details however is obviously the wedding gown. Jo being Jo didn't just love one but  loved two dresses thus  asked her dressmaker to merge these two dresses into one by carefully describing her thoughts. The next picture shows you how close-up Jo and Jac inspected the dress to decide if there might be any last changes required to make it the dress of her dreams...

And this is Jo receiving a phone call from an obviously very lovely person who couldn't be there for her big day but still wanted to wish her all the can see it was well received :-)

This is Jo's bible, her wedding diary. It deserves a picture on here as it was something else and would even turn people who have never been to a wedding into a wedding planner..

Jo also looked after Jac well during the getting ready. As there was no real hurry she started polishing Jac's toe nails for her. The tricky thing for Jac was not to move her feet as it was incredibly ticklish, so we kept giggling away trying her hardest not to move...

Time for Jo and get ready to put her dress on.

There were some really lovely moments I was able to capture... The first one peeking through the door whilst she was in the bathroom...naughty of me I know

In this one Jac is putting some bronzer on her back. Not sure if she really needed it ;-) but simply the action of putting it on looked stunning already..

Last finishing touch for Jac, the perfume.

Jo's dad was also right next door so I went over for a visit to catch him putting on his shirt.. I wonder if he was nervous, I couldn't really tell as he seemed really relaxed watching the cricket on TV the whole time.. :-D

Meanwhile six doors further down, Justin is "getting ready"

Well, ready internally.

I did go over a few times to make sure I don't miss the moment when he physically starts to get ready. Thankfully I didn't. The next shot is a great moment between Justin and his brother. He picked him to be the one to try and put his button hole flower on... he kept saying: "We need a woman to do this!" and me feeling kind of fingerpointed as being the only woman in the room said: "but I want to take pictures of it and I can't do both!" Well, typical woman I am they did get me to put his other brother Phil's flower on who was his best don't expect an image of that, ok?

And this is Justin and his brother and best man Phil together. It's great to see brothers get on so well, like best friends and brothers combined...really a great thing!I love this image of Justin as it really portraits the relaxed guy he is. I remember when I met him he said: "Sabrina, I react very well to instructions. So just tell me what to do and I do it!"  He didn't know how weird my instructions could possibly be, so I think he may have regretted this promise later on ;-)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this image. Well, I love hands in general as I think they say a lot about a person. That combined with some gorgeous rings in the perfect position and light can simply only create stunningness...( I hope you appreciate this shot Jo)

And back I wander to Jo and Jac's suite. I can literally see the butterflies circling around it as it's time to put on the dress..

The room was just full of excitement and energy and once the dress was on Jo stood in the middle of the room with this body language of "Woah, look at me!"

It's one of those moments in life a woman doesn't forget. That's when it's great to have your very best friend around to share it with and memorise it for those future evenings to come when you marvel about it..The absolute last finishing touches was hairspray. Just absolutely love this shot of wonder she was nick-named "barbie doll" on the day..

The following image is my last one of the getting ready but the greatest one to finish with. It's something else to look at yourself in the mirror for the first time.

Jo had tears in her eyes and said: "I really feel like a bride." when I took this picture. And so she was.

The weather on the day was  a little flakey. It jumped between sunshine and real showers...

The Wallaceville House did a fantastic job in looking after this for the couple. They watched the weather forecast on a 15min basis and forecasted that they should have an gap during the time of the ceremony. 15 minutes prior however it was still raining heavily so that they decided to have an indoor ceremony instead. The moral of the story was that during the time of the ceremony the rain had indeed stopped. So much great weather forecasting of the Wallaceville House! The ceremony was magnificant. One reason for that was definitely the lovely harp player who transformed the place into this dreamlike world ..

Here Justin and Phil awaiting the bride..

And the bride is ready. Her look at Steve, the MC (and husband of Jac) was literally their shadow on the day making sure that everything runs smoothly. The following picture portraits the "shadow" in a great way I think..Just beautiful those last few moments before walking down the aisle...

Jac leading the way..

And the bride being led down by her father..

Their vows to each other were very touching. They were a surprise to both of them. There were extremely heartfelt causing tears which were the same.

I love this shot of Jo about to sign the certificate. You can see the shadow of her dad spectating it right in the foreground of the imageBest man and matron of honour stepping aside to let the bride and groom sign...They definitely approved

Now officially husband and wife...

and finally the kiss :-)

And together forever..

And awaited by a glass of champaign at just the right moment

The was one funny moment. Jo forgot to sign one part of the marriage certificate. So their celebrant came after her when she was in the foyer saying: "Jo, to make this a legal document, you gotta sign there too."

This image shows this moment beautifully. Jo, full of life, turns around to laugh about the situation with her friends..

After a little bit it was time to take some group photos. It's always great for me to watch people gather...I took this image during the gathering for the group shot....just love it..

and the finished gathering

This shot shows Justin with his grandson. A moment in time on their way to have more group photos taken..

Jo and Justin in between group photos..And her dad also in between group photos. He thought to take a quiet break away from it all...well I still saw him..

Jo and Justin own two Mustangs and are part of a club for years. Some of their friends from the NZ Mustang club were at their wedding and woah could that not be missed...

Jo and Justin with the harpist. Jo was very grateful for the wonderful sounds she produced this amazing instrument..

A mustang is a fantastic object for great photography even if it's not only about it..

And away we went for a little photoshoot around Wallaceville House. It's such a lush garden just made for taking photos in..

I really like this series of images of the two of them..

The following image of Jac reminds me of the moment I took it as she said to me: "Sabrina, do you know that you are squeeze half of my life out of me by taking these photographs of me today." I laughed but when I looked at many of the images I took of her afterwards I thought: "If that's true, it was well worth it. Wow, look at those photos of you!"

The next image is more funny than artistic. As I mentioned before it was a quite warm but muggy wet day. This brings out all those little insects too. So unfortunately Jo got bitten by a mozzy whilst I was taking shots of them. The next image shows how Justin tries to make things better by scratching it etc

These two got on very well..

Lovely shot of the newlyweds..

I told Justin that I thought he was the new-age kind of man by carrying the girl's handbags...isn't he looking good with them though?

Jo was describing these shots under the palmtree to me prior. I hope they come close to what she had in her mind..

They couldn't look happier than in the following image, I absolutely love it..

The reception room at the Wallaceville House is naturally beautiful however with Jo's skillfull hand it was transformed into th reception room of her dreams...the colour scheme was white, black and red which could be observed in the smallest detail everywhere..They really integrated me into their day. I love it when I have my own favours an image of my seat and favour box....hmmmm

Her table centre pieces of red roses combined with silver perls set on mirrors sprinkled with rose petals was DIVINE

So let's get the party started!

Shortly after they sat down they shared this salute together. Jo purchased these beautiful glasses just for this occasion....well they will probably use them again to remember their special day together..

A beautiful photo..

And here a close-up of the champaign glasses, gorgeous, huh?

And this is Steve, the MC, I mentioned earlier by calling him "their shadow". He gave a lovely short but heartfelt speech.

And time for Justin's speech. For some it was real news to see him with glasses..

More tears were created...nice tears

This is one gorgeous and loving woman. She is officially Jo's aunty but really her foster mum. She was with us all day during the getting ready which probably was only a hint of her presence during Jo's life.

One friend and fellow from their company who told us a little more about the work-related side of Justin and Jo which was wonderful and touching..

And it was time for Jac's speech which was also very moving..

Meanwhile the staff of the Wallaceville House was busy making sure everything hospitality-wise ran smoothly and perfect..

And these desserts do look perfectly lovely to me....actually they were as I indulged indeed!

I always think that it's about those small moments that can make a day. The reception is one point of the day that could often be hardly more relaxed as all has been done and pure joy just kicks in.

Here some lovely shots of Jo enjoying time with friends..

Jo and Justin were very cute. They practised their first dance next door just a few minutes prior. Fortunately I saw it and sneaked in there too to capture those special five minutes. They are both very lucky as I was able to capture so many nice dancing pictures of them during their reception that it will be hard to choose which ones to put into the album

But before I show you their real first dance let's show you their cutting of the cake...or first of all the gorgeous cake!

And now the actual cutting..

Some spectators..

And it's time for the first dance...get ready for some great pictures

This was the last dancing image I took before I went outside to capture the last image of the day of the Wallaceville House by night..

Jo and Justin, Congratulations you are a fantastic couple. All the best for your future together. It was a pleasure taking part in your day.

Sabrina xox


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