Ann-Maree & Will's Wedding - Ein Liebeslied!

Ann-Maree and Will are simply a beautiful couple. Slideshow_07

Early in life they naturally felt what's right for them.  So what is life all about:  I think  Love and People must surely be an  important ingredient, one which was simply there to support and encourage them to give each other this huge life-long promise.

Their ceremony was in the Street City Church in Hania Street. The ceremony was truly different and inspiring and touching the very heart of the matter.

Afterwards we enjoyed afternoon tea with everyone as well as the cake cutting. Then we took off for the photo session at the Parliament and around the waterfront.

Their reception was at the Icon restaurant in Te Papa. A wonderful venue at an amazing location. The food was just divine!

See more images of their day in this movie:

[youtube 0YC9666itVs]

I chose a song of one of  Germany's Jazz singers Annett Louisan called "Das Liebeslied" (The Love Song) as the background music. I'm sorry if you don't understand the exact wording but be ensured that she sings about what you feel she does and more.

All the best to Ann-Maree and Will Beard. God bless.

Lots of love from Sabrina