Jaye & Steve - Rays of Gold at Ohariu Farm

Looking at the thermometer now makes me doubt that Jaye and Steve's wedding was only a few days ago. It was a hot and super sunny summer's day. Whenever it seemed too hot there was this nice breeze passing that just refreshed you just the right way. Both of them were so looking forward to their big day for such a long time that it was a blessing to have observed that everything was just perfect for them. They celebrated at Ohariu Farm which is one of the best outdoor venues for great summer days like this. I was able to capture the most amazing rich golden images of them and their bridal party, so read on to see their day.

The first image is a great way to start with. Their rings..

Let's not start with the bride but the groom today as I went to see him first.

This is Steve just after he put his suit and tie on. He was literally glowing from the inside out. Such a happy man!

I took this one just a few minutes earlier. Both Steve and his best man Hamish are battling with their skinny ties. Looked great once they were on though. Both of them had different techniques that kept them at different length so after a few attempts it was sussed...

Steve and Hamish got ready at his mum's place as it is the "tidier" one as Steve told me. His mum is as camera-shy as one could be. This is her helping Steve with the buttonhole flower which is always a tricky thing to attach to a jacket I find.

I did say his mum's camera shy, well comments like this trigger my instinct to want to take some beautiful shots of a person like this to maybe have them like a picture of themselves after all...

His mum said to me: "Sabrina, I won't even look at any pictures of myself...ignorance is bliss!" I hope she will look at this one though even if it's just in a few weeks when everything has settled in.

As I said before it was a really hot day so after Steve put his suit on he started feeling the heat even more. It was probably a mixture of actual weather and excitement.

His mum was great and gave the boys some cold wet flannels, here a lovely little series of Steve cooling down

After this I left them to it and went to the Ohariu Farm cottage where Jaye was staying..

I got there well before the bride which gave me a little head start to photograph all her previous things.. like the rings and the dress and the shoes and the flowers..

Her mum, grandma and dad were there as well so that they started their last prep of putting on their flowers..

And Voila, it was done!

Jaye has also arrived in the meantime. She and her bridesmaids looked absolutely fabulous. Jaye is very creative and crafty and had the idea of attaching the wedding rings of her grandmothers to her bouquet so that they could be with her throughout the day in spirit. In this image she is just attaching them with a pretty ribbon..

This is Zana, Jaye's sister and matron of honour with Bex her bridesmaid applying that last touch of bronzer...

And once the bridesmaids where done it was time to help Jaye with her dress...  Jaye really loved have a non-strapless dress which was so hard to get as the majority is strapless. I found that this was a very valid comment and something to consider for dressmakers and difference is the key!

Zana and Bex were really great during the day. They helped with everything they could. In this images Zana puts on Jaye's earrings..

This is Jaye's dad Don. He is a real character.  He was there whilst the girls were getting ready and glued to the TV as Horse Racing was on. I meant to him: "You seem to like horse racing a lot?" he said: "Yeah, you could say that!" ...well here Don with his full attention on the winning horse..

and it won! There were screams of joy in the cottage..

After a while he filled me in that he actually owns a racing horse and often spends time at the racing track. Jaye and Zana even own a share of a horse themselves. The ironic thing is that Jaye as "Miss Allergy" is highly allergic to horses which made me crack up when I heard it..

Back to the absolute centre of attention Jaye!

I love the following series of images of her just walking out of the bathroom after having looked at herself in the mirror for the first time. Gorgeous!

As horse racing was over it was time for Don to celebrate. He really enjoyed Jaye's wedding day. He told me that this time (Zana his first daughter got married earlier) he was able to relax much better than just concentrating on the speech and being so nervous that it's hard to enjoy the day. You could feel it with him throughout, he was thoroughly part of the day and the good happy mood. Here a wonderful picture of Jaye and her dad which would be one I would frame if I were them..

As I told you before Jaye was well looked after. Here Bex tidying up her dress for some photos we were taking before the ceremony..

Jaye was loving it!

Great friends together..

And it's time for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony setting at Ohariu Farm is beautiful. The rolling hills in the background, the sun and aisle that leads to your future husband...just great.

Steve has taken his place and his mum as well. I love this image for that, it's such a big day for parents and great that they are with you all the way.

And Jaye arrives with a smile..

One last look from Bex before she starts the aisle walk..

and it's time for Jaye and her father...the smiles on their faces say it all

And the "farewell" kiss..

The ceremony was beautiful. Jaye and Steve had this constant big smile in their faces.. highly contagious!

Their ceremony was filled with laughter

Zana and Bex were really touched by the ceremony as well. Zana had to stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks, what a loving sister

This is a friend of Jaye and Steve's who read a beautiful poem for them..

Steve giving his vows to Jaye and putting on her ring..

Instead of having both rings with one person Jaye and Steve decided to have Hamish hold Jaye's ring and Zana to hold Steve's ring. Here you see Zana passing the ring to Jaye...great moments..

Beautiful image of Jaye putting on Steve's ring..

and the Kiss

I love this candid shot of Jaye and Steve realising that Zana and Bex were moved..

I captured these images right after the ceremony which are one of those moments that you feel happier than you could ever imagine..

The day was just perfectly warm so everyone made the most of staying outside and enjoying each others company

This was everyone

After this we excused ourselves for a little bit to take some great shots of the bridal party around the farm. As I mentioned earlier Jaye is really creative and crafty. She had the idea of using fake moustaches as props for some photos. The funny thing is that Steve looks like he could be from the 1920's especially when the images are turned into black/white and sepia. It's weird in a way how some people could fit into different era's seamlessly, don't you think?

This is a great and fun series of shots of them with their moustaches on sticks...enjoy

and this is what they look like without moustaches

I love candid shots like these. Look how her dress flows from walking swiftly to the next location..

And the rays of gold of the evening sun starts. It was after 5pm at this stage..Hamish and Steve together..

and some love cuddles..

I also adore this image of Jaye, doesn't she look beautiful?

After this we spent some time in an old barn which was a lot of fun and quite experimental

Here some images I captured there..

It's such a lovely subtle light in there...

Another glorious image that shows off her dress wonderfully

I love this image as all three girls are just super-cute in it

Then we found this really picturesque quiet area just made for some idyllic shots of the two

And everyone together after we went back outside. There are so many nice areas for photos that are not "just" the rolling hills backdrop you expect at Ohariu Farm...it's great

This is a great series of Jaye and Steve which could go framed on the wall just like this I think

The more serious look suits Jaye well too....look at her catchy eyes...hmmm

Remember those moustaches from the start....everyone wanted to wear them for a fun shot...and yes, it was great fun to photograph the bunch with them...very good idea

Another beautiful image of the two of them..

And their feet with shoes on...surprisingly for Steve was that his socks matched he reckoned...

Whilst I was photographing Jaye and Steve the girls (Zana and Bex) were standing a little further away to be in the sun. Their conversation was extremely vivid which grabbed my attention so that I took a few snaps towards their direction as they were slowly coming back to join us..

It was then time to head back to the woolshed. Jaye and Steve went in my car which was great as we could stop quickly on the way back to take the following images on this scenic country road. I just love the golden light on the day which comes out great in these shots and in the ones to come soon..

The other did catch up on us so that we had to jump back in the car to return to the woolshed where we had a few more minutes left to take some more shots with great scenery, especially golden scenery like those corn flowers that simply match and therefore accentuate the girls features...

The following series is also so romantic. The surroundings and airiness of it just like in a fairytale. I think these series have a huge potential of becoming some great wall pieces..

I love the way he holding her hand in this image..

and I love how she glances at him in the following image and the way he smiles back...

Those few minutes of photographing them in the end went by so fast. The reception was following so whilst Jaye refreshed herself I took a lovely images of her guest vase...which is like a guest book only that you write your message, song or whatever you like on a piece of paper and drop it in. Lovely idea and a great look..

We had a wee cake cutting as well

As you saw throughout there day, Jaye and Steve have got a lot of humor. I sprinkled this blog post with visual humorous touches which are so them. The same thing applies to the cake cutting. You probably agree that the previous three images were absolutely lovely and proper.  So that I would like to finish their story with another expression of them that shows what they really felt like doing...

Congratulations Jaye and Steve and thanks for letting me capture your day!

Cu all again soon,



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