Make sure you get the RIGHT image to bring you where you want to be!

Ever wondered why an application may have not given you the desired results of an invitation to an interview? Or why you haven't been considered for the scholarship you have been working towards for so long? Don't blame the recession, the day of the week or bad fate...create your luck by representing yourself the way you want to be seen. This starts with the right photograph!

Mugshots are often what comes into people's mind when they hear this.....and yes, that's exactly the way you don't want to present yourself when trying to reach this next level in your life. Don't do boring or dull and slip to the bottom of the pile. Do fresh and colourful to stick out of the crowd!

Kathryn really wants to receive a scholarship for a rare musical psychology studies. It was very important to her that the photo she includes in this application portraits her confidence, her charme and looks dynamic.

That's why she called me and this is the image she is sending to the scholarship organisation.



All the best to Kathryn and her future career.

If you also feel strongly about where you are heading and need a little spice-up for this give me a call to have your images taken!

Stay well, Sabrina