Natasha & Kane - Masterton's hottest Valentines!

Hot as in the sun (which was shining in Masterton on Valentines day and not in Wellington ;-) ,
hot as the colour pink and
hot as the way Natasha described her favourite things of the day with.

Whilst  on a holiday in Samoa exactly one year ago (it was Valentines Day;-) Kano popped the question during a romantic evening in this magical part of the world. Exactly one year later they celebrated their marriage in the Copthorne Solway Park which is wonderful venue to celebrate a wedding in Masterton. It easily accommodates all your guests, has a fantastic catering team and beautiful grounds to ensure the most amazing garden setting for your wedding.

The ceremony was simply beautiful. We had the most gorgeous flower girls and page boys as well as stunning bridesmaids that prepared everyone for the gorgeous Natasha in her white and hot pink wedding gown......ooooooh hot hot hot comes into my mind again!

We went to Henley Lake for a picnic and some photos after and joined everyone for the big party after.

But enough talking see more images for yourself in the following slideshow:

[youtube EvOV43sgVR0]

Congratulations Natasha and Kane. You are a fantastic couple!

Tell me what you think about this wedding, your experiences and thoughts!