Deano and Denise - United

Hi to all you lovely blog followers out there. I have lots to tell you about today so grab a cuppa and get ready for a great story about Deano and Denise's big day. (All grammar and spelling mistakes are clearly caused by this software btw!) If you are in fact keen blog followers you would know D&D already as I have posted their amazing engagement photo shoot about one month ago.

So a few days ago was finally the big day. I say finally because that's how many people felt. Myself and many others that were at the wedding were involved and literally fevering towards the day when it'll all happen.  I always find it fantastic when a couple tries to involve friends, or friend of friends or other somewhat related people for the day as it makes it all the more personal and special.

D&D got married on a Friday which is cool and actually really suits their party characters meaning that a Friday is usually probably a bigger night-out for them then a Saturday...which was one reason why it was on that day.

The other reason was that it was their anniversary and also one year after Deano proposed to Denise. The cutest detail was that they had their ceremony exactly 5 minutes to 7pm which was the time he proposed last year. And believe me, I looked at my watch and we were punctual which was one of those goose-bump moments for everyone that fevered for this day to come like me...

The day however didn't begin in the evening of course ;-) There was lots going on beforehand. D&D are not your average 3Veg&Meat-kind of couple so they decided to do things their way which I embraced passionately.

My lovely husband Sam was a big help for me on the day. He took my 2nd camera kit with him to the boys to photograph them getting ready which was really wonderful of him.

So let's get started with the boys (I told you we are doing things a little non-traditional)...

The first shot of Sam's is the cufflinks...when I looked at them the first time I was like>> "What? That's cool!" which is exactly what Sam thought when he decided to photograph them..

It was interesting for me to go through the photos of the boys and realising that they do look after each other pretty well without immediate female input...haha

Here Deano and his MC putting on their mirror you see or are they cheating and using the doors reflection to check the alignment?! Love the transformation from shaggy to glam as well..

This is what I meant with looking after each other or themselves...a brilliant moment of Deano's brother and best man Mike putting on his button hole flower...he was determined and he did a great job!

So this is Deano all dressed up and ready..well almost..his speech wasn't yet

And here a lovely finishing shot of the boys READY to take on the day!

So let's flick to another location..the Museum Hotel, where the No. 1 woman of the day Denise was getting ready.

I arrived and everything was underway. Denise felt a few too many butterflies in her stomach after having a caffein drink early (and probably also because it wasn't just an average day). So when I arrived Julie, her gorgeous matron of honor told her: "Eat something!" I stil don't recall her eating something but having a glass of chardonnay instead which did the trick. That made me happy and think to get started. First I asked her about her shoes. I remember that she wasn't too fussed about shoes photographs a few months back when I met her so I touched the topic again and she said: "I don't know why I said that?! I found these gorgeous shoes that really remind me of my ring (which is a combined engagement and wedding ring...aka THE ring) off I went to take a good look at those shoes.

I thought it would be nice to get into them slowly by showing the connection which was there for Denise... I love this shot of her gorgeous ring. Deano designed it just over a year ago. I'm pretty sure it wasn't exactly one year ago as it would have taken him and the jeweller, The Village Goldsmith a few months to fine-tune to final look. Deano's vision and The Village Goldsmith's knowledge of the craft made it a true master piece. This shot reflects this beauty and excellence I believe.

the shoes were very elegant and lovable

Denise's taste could be described as contemporary, sleek and modern and very northern-european (I'm sure this will cause some further thought by some people)...well what I mean is that it's almost down to simplistic elegance. I did take a photos of this elegance of her jewellery that's just so much her box for the day...THE ring, necklace and matching bracelet..hmmm

So let's show you the bride! I want to start with one of my favourite Getting Ready shots of her. Denise has spooned energy since she was born I'm sure as she is just super-vibrant, energetic and fun. This image sums her cheeky character up perfectly. It's not sharp but that makes it even more perfect as she's always on the move..

This is the dress! It was one of those dresses that looks great hung up but even better worn by it's right-full owner. It was such a slender cut so only Denise can actually fit into it ;-)

Denise taking a look at her Make-Up for the first time. It looked really good and it kind of amazed her how different she looked and how much it brought out her eyes. I love it how the light that hits the mirror (not a laptop as I know it does look like one!) reflects back into Denise's face. These kind light games are things that I love looking for and catching when I'm at wedding adventures....see how her cheekbones are highlighted...hmmm

and another look into a different mirror. It can be very hard to tell what a Make-up looks like as the light is so different. Indoors you have the yellow-orange tungsten light, outside you have the bright much cooler daylight. Both are right for parts of the day however as the wedding is an evening wedding we were very much tuned for a bolder party look which was exactly what she looked like in a beautiful way

The flowers were also very special as she asked to have Rosemary as part of her bouquet and all other bridal flower arrangements. We even used it in her Table Name/Menu designs which was just beautiful. Rosemary is a very good looking herb when you try and look at it from that perspective. The other nice side-effect is that it smells really yummy...although it did make me a wee be hungry :-) (just kidding!)

The flowers were by Bunches by the way. They are indeed a great bunch of floral artists as I have seen a lot of their work and they never disappoint.

The shade of green of Rosemary was exactly the kind of green that Deano and Denise we kept this colour throughout the colour scheme of the wedding.

here some close-up's of the rosemary. The point I'm trying to make is that you can think out of the box as it doesn't always have to be the stock-standard choice of flower. Challenge your florist and little and you may be surprised in how pretty it can turn out and after everything, it's all you!

This is her Make-up artist and friend Ruth. She is from Ireland. Here for a while but still sounding like she just arrived ;-) I love it as it really brings back my memories of my time in Dublin which was a great part in my life.

She was a great help with lots of style questions on the day, it's the hands-on-ness you really want in the people you have around you on the day. She was fantastic and made Denise look a million dollars in a blink of an eye (and I mean it as I was busy photographing her flowers when I turned around saying: "Gosh, your did it change so quickly?")

This is Julie, Denise's bridesmaid or matron of honour (as she was her only female matron). She is a great woman. They more or less grew up together and knew each other inside out which is something so special. Julie's Make-up was also simply stunning. The smokey-ness really suited her and made the whole look really dramatic and impacting. Joanna Bloomfield was the Make-up artist for the day. She was fantastic and very professional and just blending in with all of us (crazy ones).


I love this expression of Denise a lot. It's cheeky and angelic at once and a real Denise-trademark half-smirk look

This is a lovely candid shot of Joanna Bloomfield transforming the lovely brides-mate's wife. She is naturally really beautiful with those large eyes and a really warm nature. Joanna simply accentuated that by giving her the smokey look...hmm

And this is Rog, the brides-mate! He is a really nice quirky messy kind of guy. I love this series of him putting on his suit jacket in the real Rog-fashion

After that it was the tie's turn..

And the last touches being applied by his beautiful wife..Rog is ready!

Ok ladies, it's time to put on the dress. Denise's dress has to be put on over-head which is a very dynamic way and gives me lots of great picturesque moments (which is probably not what Denise thought of when she bought the dress). Denise entered the dress like a dive into the blue sea...isn't it gorgeous....I love it how Julie turns around to look at me as we were both standing on the bed. I love staying really close as that's the best way to capture the essence and be close (literally)

Look at the joy in Denise's's one of those unique unrepeatable moments..

and it's all taking a beautiful shape

This series is really funny when I think back as I felt really happy to have caught it at the time. So here it goes: Denise: "Ok Julie, you just have to pull the dress up like this than throw it up and it lands just perfectly arranged.."

and guess what?! It did...and I caught these two here the shots..

The last finishing touches of putting on the necklace. Denise was having lots of butterflies in her tummy at this stage..

and the shoes...

And we are finished with an over-the-moon-happy-Denise

Ruth giving it all the absolute last perfect touch..

And Denise is ready with her flowers in her hand and says: "Look at my ring!"  Beauty

This is one last candid shot of her I want to show you as I love the passion and vibrancy of her in it

As I mentioned before Deano and Denise did things a little different. So after they both got ready Deano came to the Museum Hotel to see his future wife for the first time and to have a bit of time in private with her.

It was a real honour for me was given to ok to be there at the time of his arrival. It's a very emotional moment and it's kind of odd what to talk about as probably everything and nothing went through Denise's head. She is all about the details so prepared two glasses of champagne for Deano and her which you can see on the table next to her. This shot really summarizes her emotional humble state at the time, one of those goose-bumpy moments of the day

and the door finally opened (and it must have felt like an eternity for Denise!) and Deano came in..

In this last shot I am really happy to have captured the glistening eyes of Deano...he's such a warm and loving person and their wedding day was definitely full of his heart. This was the moment I decided it was time to let them have some real private moments..

After a little while they came down to join us..the Museum Hotel really wrapped them up royally..

The Museum Hotel is really well located which made us simply walk to our first location for the candid and group shots..

I'm not sure what they were talking about but this is very much Julie and Denise

At every wedding I try and do things a little different. One reason for that is that the couples are always different.

For D&D's day I went for a lot of series images which is them as they are both full of life especially when united. As life is full of different facets so from now on you will see some pretty amazing series of images almost like time lapses of both of them together..

Let's start with a beautiful portrait of the bride

She was madly in love with her flowers which makes this really worth a memory of its own

Another stunning collage this time of the both together..

After that we went off to get to the parliament.

And once at the parliament we spend some time there. I love this image of them all's a great setting, very idyllic

D&D had this really nice idea of gifting their bridesmaids/mates and groomsmen with some gorgeous photos with their here four gorgeous shots of the couples that were with us for the photoshoot. It really gave it the right dynamic, so well done with a  great idea and a great turn-out

Actually a few more images sneaked in, sorry..

so let's get back to D&D :-)

I love these shots of them (they are also wonderful to give framed to the parents!!)...

This is a cute candid shot I took of Denise in front of the parliament.

A moment later Deano squeezed himself onto the same space at that pillar which had me go real close again to capture these amazing moments

The next one was one of those snapshots. I was just taking photos of D&D when I happened to look to the right to see that they put the bouquet into the champagne glass with some water...isn't that sweet!?

This is another collage of them featuring them and their rings

This is a quirky shot of them all dancing...the boys together especially enjoyed this one..

This shot was quite funny as I had the idea of this shot whilst they were walking down in the previous happily they went back up to have this one taken... :-)

This shot is another candid in-between moment of the girls and Rog watching (and commenting) on the boys having their photos taken...cute

The boys at that time...a good look so actually cheeky for the girls to comment on it...

Well, let it be their turn then

As you saw, Denise put her super-cute smile on again

After the parliament we went to a rather unusual location, the Vespa Lounge for some more photos. Unusual maybe but not really for Deano and Denise as the are night-urbanites so having photos taken in an environment that is actually them is pretty much what I'm all about!

It's time for another amazing time-lapse collage

Vespa Lounge is really loungy (hence the name ;-) the rich colour scheme is great for photos the way I wanted to take some more

The evening started to approach...Denise went back to the Museum Hotel to refresh and collect herself before the big moment. Deano, the boys and I went to The Boatshed to get things started. It all looked fantastic when we got there..

I designed a D&D logo for their invitations which they fell in love with so that I did their menu/table name card designs as well...I also put there Rosemary twigs into the designs which was just beautiful.

Denise had wine charms made for all the bridal party and all the girls that came to her hens was really sweet. She even differentiated them by different bead colour to try and match it to their personality and taste...these are the little details that really make a difference.

This shot is really lovely. It shows Deano and Denise's charms entwined with their Rosemary flower arrangement on the table.

These silver goblets were given to Denise by her sister. If I remember right they are her grandparents wedding goblets which symbolises the new generation of her family.  A very nice touch I thought.

Chubba Chubs are Deano's trademark. The nice thing was that where-ever  I looked I kept seeing my invites there. In this case they popped them on the gift table with a whole bunch of chubba chubs.  It makes me all warm and fuzzy when I see how much my work means to people and their lives...I'm very lucky!

Just after this Denise's wonderful nephews came running to me to say: "Sabrina, she is there!!!" Awesome I thought...they didn't forget to tell me as I asked them too ;-)

So off I ran to see the bride of the day arrive next to her dad which is an absolute lovely warm man

Julie was always there, like Denise's shadow

This shot was totally candid and show Denise looking back at me whilst hooked into her dad. It's the moment before she enters the great hall to be married to Deano..

Not as candid but still pretty..

Time to walk down..

And it's Denise's turn

one second later looking up at Deano

Dad giving his beloved daughter away

Early during the ceremony a great friend of Deano and Denise read a wonderful piece to everyone...

and this is how Deano and Denise received it (simply priceless) Thank You!

I was able to get real close during the ceremony which had me capture the real spirit of it. D&D are so sweet together and were both struggling to keep the tears away...giggles and laughs covered things up a bit although there was nothing that needed to be covered up

Time for the vows and to put on the rings...

The kiss

The moment just after the kiss

and they are officially Mr & Mrs

They went straight down to have the group photo taken. One reason was as it was later in the day so that the light was fading and also because they really wanted to get the party started :-)

After that and some time with their family and friends it was time for them to enter the reception as Mr & Mrs

This was the cake. Deano and Denise had the cake-make re-create the D&D logo I designed to put on top of the cake...looks great, doesn't it?

The reception started with speeches. One of the first was Denise's a nice shot of him

Deano's brother Mike gave a great speech too

and it was Deano's turn to say something..

He said some very nice things about Denise so deserved this kiss very much

Denise's sister also gave a quick speech. This was the end of it which is really lovely..

And time for the first dance..

The nicest thing about there first dance was that it was very personal. Personal meaning hugging and laughing and giggling. It wasn't about some dance moves rather than just being together and hugging the world for it

Julie did have some dance moves at her disposal :-D

to dance with my father again is not just a song but something that's so special. Denise knew that and I was able to capture it

and another goose-bump moment that makes me really happy. Denise and her dad hugging

Deano with his mum

Well, you have gotten to know Denise by now. Her fire seems to run in her bloodline as the apple didn't fall far from the tree when looking at her nephew taking over the dance floor

and the party went on after that.

I went outside to capture the venue and memories by night. Here a gorgeous shot of the boatshed across the lagoon.

This is my favourite and the image I would like to finish with. I love the blue lights which resemble a night-clubby feeling to me. The swirly-surreal water reminds me of Deano & Deano when together thus a great shot to finish with...

Congratulations Deano and Denise. You are wonderful and truly make all the difference together. All the best for all your future adventures.

Sabrina and Sam xox

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