Fiona and Adam - The Fine Art of Marriage

I almost forgot that we are in 2010 and not the turn of the century . Fi and Adam celebrated their marriage at the beautiful Wallaceville House in Upper Hutt.

Their ceremony was in their picturesque garden where a gorgeous aisle was set-up for Fiona to walk down with her father who carried her little daughter Chelsey.

The ceremony commenced with the lighting of their candle  symbolising everyone who could not be there with them on their special day. It was a very beautiful way to start their marriage which is not only about the future but also about the my eyes it's a natural progression of love and the life one another shares together. It's a way to get even closer together. By celebrating the love you feel for one another and to share this with people that mean a lot to you.

As a photographer I don't just intend to record your day, I am looking for the moments that normally just pass by and capture them in pieces of art. Art that will be displayed on your wall for many years and generations to come. Beauty is all around us every day of our lives. So lucky I was to have been asked to photograph Fiona and Adam's day.

Congratulations to Fiona, Adam and their little darling Chelsey.

Let their images speak for themselves: