Jen and Stephen - In their footsteps

Jenny and Stephen's wedding was full of colour..and not just brought in by their gorgeous purple colour scheme that was carefully placed into different parts of their day but also due to their very international union. Jenny is a Kiwi-Canadian. She was lucky to have grown up on both parts of the world to be able to appreciate their differences and probably also their similarity. A few years ago she decided that Wellington was her home of choice which is so special. Around that time she also met her love Stephen who was also a kiwi by choice. Stephen being a british arrived in New Zealand some years ago. He started of in Auckland and thought: "This isn't it!" so further he went to Queenstown and thought: " This is great!"...some time later he decided to give Wellington and try and thought: "This is windy!...but me!"  Luckily they met each other to share their love for each other and our wee town together. The wedding was just magical with so many fantastic moments. They married at one of Wellington's most beautiful churches in Wellington the "Sacred Heart Cathedral".  The most amazing detail of this was that her grandma married her grandfather in the same church on the same day 60 years ago. To add some more goosebumps Jenny was also born on the same date as her grandma! As Jenny comes from a great gene pool her grandma is still alive and very chipper with her 90+ years of age. She was one of the most special guests at the wedding and such a delight to be around.

But lets start at the beginning in the Museum Hotel where Jenny and her lovely matron of honour Tracy and bridesmaid and sister Kristen got ready..

I will start quite bold with a series of close-up shots I took of Jenny after her Make-up and her was finished. It was quite a giggly moment between us as I went really really close to her face whilst her bridesmaids were busy putting her dress on. It was such a funny and quirky outside-the-box moment I'm kind of known for....and so is the result...just beautiful isn't she?

Jenny has got the biggest eyes as you can see. Whilst I was photographing her I was starting to think about what she might have looked like as a child with those big eyes. It must be so hard to say no to her, well that's Stephen's challenge from now on, isn't it.

The Make-up and Hair looked just terrific. The hair was done by Cathy Davis down the road and the Make-up by Caroline Adams which blended in well with everyone and most importantly made Jenny look a million dollars and more!

This image shows Jenny looking into the mirror for the first time after look was finished by Caroline..

The girls did their own make-up which looked great too. This shows Kristen taking a good look at Tracy's Make-up to help her decide whether or not it needed anything else..

The gorgeous wedding gown and veil..

Her flowers were absolutely divine! The different shades of purple coupled with soft and muted creams and green were just so beautiful. Her bouquet and other flower arrangements for the day were designed and put together by Flowers on Featherston.

The cherry of it all was the wand for the flower girl. It was Jenny's idea and the florist did a fantastic job of making it real and turning our little flower girl Ella into the fairy she always wanted to be....(proof of how much she loved this will come later!)

Her bridal shoes...a wedge, apart from being fashionable they are also very handy for getting around as you don't sink in on grass and other soft surfaces like with generic high heels...

Kristen all vibrant in her purple gown...some last looks into the mirror and a quick smile for me...

I love this shot of her, just gorgeous

and time to put on the dress. Tracy is a woman you really want as your bridesmaid. She is a perfectionist, very organised and altogether very caring. Combined with Kristen they were the perfect team for the project of putting the dress on..and lots of fun it was..

Gorgeous shot of Jenny. See how far away Tracy stands? She is holding on to the dress ties to ensure they are the right length before getting into fiddling it all in..

These girls reminded me of the TV programme "Sex and the city". Gorgeous and so much fun. Tracy even visually resembled Sarah Jessica Parker I think...

This was one of those really nice sister moments when Kristen made Jenny just crack up with laughter..

And finally the veil

and voila: The Bride!

Off I went to see Stephen at Sacred Heart...the light and everything was just superb... The next image shows the (long) waiting...well it always seems long on the grooms-side of things..

And the bride arrives..

and the walk down the aisle commences with Kristen..

and Kristen from the bird's view..

Matron of honour Tracy walking down the aisle..

And Tracy from the bird's view..

The nice touch of Jenny was to walk down with both of her parents..just lovely

and the arrival at her future husband from the bird's view..

Both, Jenny's mum and dad gave Jenny a kiss and Stephen a hug. I was able to capture this amazing moment of Jenny's mum giving Stephen a welcoming hug.

Jenny's and Stephen's father started the candle ceremony which I captured from the bird's view as well..

time for the vows..

Time for the best man Simon to bring the rings..

and the kiss..

Some of their friends and family spoke some prayers for them and marriage as a whole...

Jenny signing the marriage certificate..

Tracy and Simon signing one copy each and swapping to do the other ones...nice touch I thought!

The signing from the bird's view..

A friend of friend of their played a beautiful played a beautiful guitar song..

Jenny and Stephen finishing the candle ceremony their fathers have began earlier. It's quite true this way and starts their new bond...

As the ceremony goes I would often sit in between the rest of the audience. When I again decided to sit to follow the ceremony I looked to my right and saw this order of service laying there right beside the hat of one of the wedding guests....perfect timing to take a great atmospheric shot of their order of service!

and finally the greatest moment of walking up the aisle together! Conratulations!

This was a candid shot of the I took very quickly after they arrived outside...

This shot was literally taken behind their back...but it speaks for itself, doesn't it? Jen and Stephen on "cloud 7" as I like calling's just one of those most fantastic moments of the day...right after the ceremony

I mentioned earlier how much their flower girl Ella loved her flower wand....whilst we were all outside I had this wee conversation and interaction with her that made her go all crazy and really show me how much she loved check it cute!

and this is everyone in front of the cathedral

so let's start our photo session. As I love the cathedral a lot I had to take the opportunity to photograph them there some great shots of them

They hired these gorgeous Bentley's of Eastbourne Classic Cars. Peter Willis is the owner and also your chauffeur on the day makes you feel royal as he really looks after you to make sure you are having the best time..

For these shots they parked the cars in a dramatic way against the church by following my instructions which really helped to make these shots really impacting...thank you

I absolutely love this image of them in the back of the Bentley. This would be one to enlarge for a frame or a canvas in their home..

After this we took off to go to the Botanical Gardens. Lucky for us the garden was prepared and showing off their most vibrant purple flowers for us..hmmm

Such a nice moment captured forever... I love her natural elegance.

One of those real funny moments I just adore..

true happiness together

Sorry but yet another flower shot. Well, actually not just another one. Tracy and Kristen decided to place their flower on this hedge which felt like "back to nature" when I looked at it. What a lovely spectacle of colour...just love it and wants me dive right into it..

Time for some fun shots of the boys. I had them get warm by having them exercise a little...I know I'm mean! Well, they had a lot of fun doing so and just being boys I think... the tricky thing was to flick with their feet at the same time...flick flick

Good times and memories is what I can read from them together..

Check out grasshopper best man Simon! Not bad, huh?

Meanwhile some place else our angelic ladies are having a nice chat...

And then it was time to join the jumpers again...I love this shot...a very journalistic in-between moment of real life

and I think it's time for some photos of Jen and Stephen together. They are very cute together and full of expressions so here some glimpses of our time together.

Whilst of was taking the previous shots of Jen and Stephen I happened to turn around to witness how Simon wanted to throw the bridal bouquet to the "maybe" lucky groomsman Matt!..haha...quite quirky but why not!

Then we called out for the girls so here comes a candid vivid shot of them walking down to join us..

The next few shots were a few moments later...nice..

Gorgeous shot of all of them together...

The following images are also quite in-between. I love the way Jen stands and Stephen holds her waist

The next portraits of the two of them are just precious and images that are worth a thousand words and will be enjoyed by families for good..

The following images are fantastic for their wallets or any other personal place. Even mum and dad would probably absolutely adore having one of these of them..

Meanwhile the rest of the bridal party are chatting away.. I love it how Tracy snuggles into her fleece blanket (very good item to bring along for in-between warm-up times!) and Kristen just reveals me straight away...

Next stop: Dairy.

Not to buy some! as I mentioned earlier they all appreciated kiwiness and one part of kiwiness is a dairy on every odd corner of town with their colourful signs and posters..what a great place to take pictures.

This dairy was on Tinakori Road. I was standing in the middle of the road..right on the stripes so that cars could still get passed. I pressed the shutter in between the many cars that came by. Sometimes it's a good idea to trust other to look after you too as I couldn't quite concentrate on more than taking the best images. Thankfully the lovely kiwi drivers did well and made me get away unscared.

another great shot of everyone..

and quickly we went to get to Ohariu Farm where the reception was going to be..

this is a brilliant shot of Jen and Stephen having a great time chatting to their chauffeur Peter Willis...

We sneaked a few more minutes away from everyone to indulge in the splendour of Ohariu Farm... it's such a picturesque place

This image would make a great panorama for the wall

Gorgeous image of the bridal party resting..

Very cute and cheeky shot of the girls..

And the boys. With their scottish attire they actually look like in the Highlands of Scotland right at home in this image..  :-)

a fun moment together being boys or men or just them

I'm not sure if you noticed but I have been going away from the standard photo formats quite a bit in this post. I think it's a good thing to do things a little different and to treat every picture in a unique way to give it the right amount of attention it deserves. This image is also one of those images. Well, I my eyes it's a half panorama...a great group shot of everyone which could easily be framed to perfection by my fantastic framer.

Sisters the way they make their parents really proud..

Great friends in times to remember..

The bridal party started to join the celebration whilst Jen, Stephen and I went off for a few more minutes during which I captured these really great vivid shots of them with the super picturesque Ohariu Valley in the background..

We were just out there for about five minutes when the lovely waiters of Ohariu Farm came out to offer a glass of champaign to the bride and groom. Of course you can't say no, what a fantastic way to have your first toast together in private (if you don't count me)....Congratulations and let's celebrate!

Jenny's parents have been such a blessing during the entire wedding preparation as well as the actual day. I was just taking pictures of people mingling...whilst mingling myself (as it always makes things more natural, doesn't it!) when Jenny's dad came up to me and asked me to take a nice photograph of them and Jenny together on her big day....of course I thought and outside we went to capture this lovely moment in time

and back to my mingling with their lovely guests...

After some more mingling Jenny's mum came up to me and asked me with her cute canadian accent: "Sabrina, may I take a photo of you with your camera please." and I thought: "Hmm, ok, why not"

Well this is me. I'm sporting this new fringe's still new, only a few weeks old but I do enjoy it, makes me feel kind of incognito. It turned a bit curly after the humid weather on the day, but what do you think? Like it?

Not a bad shot by Jenny's mum, don't you think?

Some other lovely sisters. A wee bit younger than Jenny and Kristen though. This is the flower girl Ella with her little sister Grace, adorable and loving, aren't they? Could have just taken them home with me just like that, so cute!

I took this shot of Ella and her dad Simon shortly's also a keeper

Jenny and Stephen had this wedding tree as their guest book. Everyone put their thumb print in purple (of course) on it. After all it'll look like leaves and present a fantastic piece of memory and art for your wall.

I had a look at it and saw that Jenny's grandma (our very special guest remember?) hasn't put hers on it yet, so I seeked her out and got her to put it on before we forget about it as the evening progresses..

Jen's mum was their with her helping her along...nice!

After this everyone got seated and it was time for the bridal party's big entrance..

Kristen and Matt entering..

and Jen and Stephen's entrance..

Jenny sat down first and Stephen gave her a spontaneous kiss when she did...nice touch I though :-) hmmm

The start of the reception was filled with great speeches throughout. Their MC was just an absolute natural who filled the room with laughter lots of times..I always try to be the fly on the wall when I can so in this case I walk around quietly like a cat in an attempt to capture images like the following..

Jude is one of those real treasures at the Ohariu Farm. Earlier on whilst I was mingling (and taking photos ;-) she came up to me to let me know that the reception room is finished and that I could go through the kitchen to get to it unobtrusively as the main entrance is closed to not reveal anything before the big entrance. "Great!" I thought and I actually meant. I don't expect of the venue and caterers to let me know when things are done as I know how busy they are on the day without thinking of me already. So a big "Thank You!" to Jude for her lovely spirit and personality on the day. This was only one of those things she did. If you know her you may spot her in the background of many of the images as she is always there looking out for something or someone needing something. If you don't know her you are probably able to imagine her after this description.

So off I went through the kitchen (which is an altogether super-exciting place for someone like me who loves food and the places it is created into art!) to get to the reception room. The reception room without it's audience is for me like looking at an empty church. It's incredibly holy in it's way however is just awaiting us, it's audience to enter and engage in our celebration as that's the reason for it's being...(well, that sounded rather deep, didn't it?!) I do feel blessed to be in places like this before the guests...and I think my pictures tell you that.

Jen and Stephen's reception hall was stunning, warm and filled with loving shades of warm purples, flowers and yummy life (which is the way I'd like to say if for a lack of words).

So let me show you what I mean with yumminess:

Jenny's mum started her parent's speech. She promised to be short however still didn't save us from feeling very touched by her words. She was telling us about the time when they bought a plaque of an irish wedding saying. They bought this plaque when they visited the place and after they met Jen and Stephen together. It's one of those things maybe only parents know and feel but they thought after that first visit that when they get married they would like to give this wedding plaque to them. She told the story and asked Jen's dad to come up and read it to them..

This image was one of Jenny's reactions to what she was hearing. It is my favourite image of her during the reception. It's relaxed and just her with her Jenny-sweetness.

Stephen's speech was covering everything, from being hilarious and driving you to hysteric laughter to touching moments that triggered tears (and even mind but I doubt anyone saw them as they were to worries about their own ;-)

Stephen said some very nice things about Jenny's parents, I always try my best to capture both sides of such a moment so here is how they received it..

He also said very loving and touching things about his childhood and parents. This image shows his father and sister at the time..

as you can probably can imagine, these moments were pretty tough to stay unmoved yourself so Stephen and Jen had this moment of relief after all the very heartfelt things about their families were said. This was such a moment of relief and joy that makes you feel a bit lighter..

A fantastic shot of all the witnesses (aka guests)

I love the reception part of the day as it gives me so many opportunities to take photos without people knowing...

And it's time for Simon's speech...he started very chilled...

the cutting of the cake


And it's first dance time

and the last boogey before I left o go outside for some amazing night images of the venue..

This is my finishing shot of the night

Congratulations Jenny and Stephen.

Sabrina xox