Naomi and Joseph - Under the Gladstone sun

Naomi and Joseph's wedding was just over one week ago. We had the rehearsal the day prior when hell broke out (literally!) and the Wairarapa turned into a leaky cauldron of rain, cool temps and wind. Well little did we expect for the next day however April did surprise us which often reconfirms my feeling of just not worrying about the weather and forecasts.

I drove up to Gladstone the day earlier to get a good idea of their day and the surroundings. It's a great time as well to meet everyone involved and have a more relaxed chat than you may have on the day when things are just buzzing.

When I woke up on Saturday morning things looked much friendlier. I had some quick breakfast and took off to see the bride who stayed only 350 meters away (as per my GPS ..don't think I counted the meters, I'm not that German!)

The girls stayed in Greytown which is one of the most loveliest places out in the Wairarapa. When I arrived it was all on. The Make-up and Hair Artist Edyta had already finished and perfected the bridesmaid's looks and had just started with Naomi....perfect I thought. Edyta is a lovely person and had done the Make-up of one of my recent brides Suzy a few months earlier. It's great to bump into people that you know along the way..

As I said the weather was all on! So the house where the girls got ready was lit up by the early morning sun and when you put attention you could feel how hot it would be when bathing in it.

So the first thing I did was taking in the status quo: meaning the DRESS and the accessories... I was blown away when looking at the dress. I loved the colouring and the romantic look of it. It was so feminine and so slender and through that so Naomi. The colour was also very different...I asked her about it and she said it's called: "Blush" which is like an antique soft rosy-pink. Very delicate> Naomi, has a really sweet and striking personality. She told me that she thought that it would be nice to to be a princess for a day and that your wedding day was probably most appropriate for that...and how true is that. I can't think think of a better day in you life to live out the look you have always dreamed about. This dress is magnificent, the corsage is literally held together by fabric flower patterns that are cleverly woven into each other in a way that is just out there....anyways take a look to see what  I'm trying to describe..

These were her shoes she was able to walk in like an elf..

This is Naomi whilst getting ready..

Naomi had just finished her Make-up and Hair when her mum arrived. It was a great moment when they saw each other. This hug is quite funny as her mum didn't want to touch her face to not ruin the Make-up...cute!

These was her bouquet which arrived with the rest of the flowers whilst everyone was getting ready..

This is Naomi's and her bridesmaid's bouquets's sometime even better to take them all in for more impact..

Joseph's. I loved it how the water sprinkled into little pearls in front of the flower...just gives it that more real fresh look, doesn't it?

I love this shot of Naomi putting on her shoes to get used to them a little. It's one of her bridesmaid's in the front and Naomi was still in her pink-ish morning gown at this stage...elegance doesn't need more

This was her garter. I liked it how it had a little blue flower sewn into it to make-up for the "Something Blue!"

Time to put this gorgeous gown on

Naomi's mum designed and made all the bridesmaid's dresses and was just great on the day with all those last minute adjustments.. Here she was helping Naomi putting on her gown..

It's just the greatest moment to put on your dress on the day you have waited for so long...

The earrings...

This was one of those in between moment when Naomi was answering a question someone asked and her sister and bridesmaid Rachel adjusted her dress at the same the life captured in this..

A great detail shot of her ring and her dress where you can really see those flowers I was describing earlier..

Joseph arrived shortly after to see Naomi for the first time as his bride..

After they had some time together we went to a spot they both loved. It's a tree-clad alleyway which was lit really softly on the day. This is one of the first shots I took of them there.

After this you may think the day could have ended but no, we took some more great shots of the two of them. They are both personalities that would probably call themselves "camera shy". Yet when you see them together it just flows and it's everything but that

This is a fantastic series of images that could just go straight into a frame..

This series is also one of my favourites

After this alleyway we went to a reserve at the footstep of the vineyard where their reception will be held. We went in a few cars so luckily all the boys where in one and arrived with me, so I grabbed the opportunity to take this great shot of them before the girls arrived..


When I turned around I observed Naomi's arrival...backlit and very angelic

A few minutes later they came closer, all bridesmaid carrying one end of the skirt of the dress and chatting away...what a pretty sight

Let's put everyone into their own spotlight.

Here is Joseph, the groom

These are the bridesmaids..

and the groomsmen..

And Naomi, the bride..

Just shortly after I captured these priceless moments...

I love Naomi's cheeky expression in this one..

This is also one of my favourite shots of them as it really captures them in the way they are..relaxed

These shots were taken at Joseph's parents vineyard, The Cottier Estate. There were so many great spots for amazing backdrops...I tried to limit it to the most impacting ones...

This shot I love for it's intensity

Just beautiful..

and everyone..

This is a very picturesque series of them in the makers always seem to apologize to me when there are nets over the vines, I actually prefer it as it gives me the feeling of being groomed and made-up for the special looks very bridal and beautiful especially when the wind gets caught in it..

I love love love this image

A very cute Naomi..

After these vines we went to a wee bit of an odd spot I saw earlier...might not look like much to some people but I saw the potential and combined with the two of them it was another perfect spot..

When I turned around I had this sight of the groomsmen

I also love this shot of them....a different view that gives lots of room to the imagination (to pop your thought, I think they were checking out a game on their iPhone ;-) maybe???

and the look of the girls just opposite of them..

This was one of the last shots I took before we all took off to get ready for the ceremony...I just love the vines rolling down the hill with them in the foreground. Very atmospheric.

So off we went for a cruise along the country to reach Gladstone Church nestled into the Gladstone Hill and bush...magnificent

Everyone is waiting for Naomi's arrival..

Their candles at the artar

This is the page boy/Naomi's nephew walking along awaiting the bride with one of the groomsman..

Their priest was a real icon. Originally from Ireland he brought with him his sense of humour combined with his sense for goodness, just what you look like in your priest.

Here he is telling the page boy HOW important his role is today...I just loved eavesdropping and could just imagine what went on the the pageboys mind..

waiting for her was getting pretty warm at this stage

And the first glimpse of the MG

This is Naomi's uncle who owns both MG's. He arrived with the first one however is a little worried about where the 2nd one with the bride went?!

And here they are..the bridesmaids. I adore this gorgeous image of their arrival coming up the hill to the church..

and the bride...timeless and beautiful

The rings arrived as well and needed to be put onto the ring cushion..a great shot of the group effort

The last moment before entering the church

This is a great moment I captured of Naomi's niece and sister-in-law peeking towards the entrance of the church in anticipation..

the bridesmaid come in..

and the bride enters with a first little peek..

A great moment of Naomi's dad "handing over" his beloved daughter

This shot really captures the mood. It's a real view from above and afar at the same time which is something that always grabs me when I am there

Naomi's matron of honor listening into the words of the ceremony. She is a joy to be around..

One of the readings during the ceremony..

Joseph's sister's reading and a real catching-eye moment..

I love the way Naomi is embracing Joseph just after the readings finished.

Gladstone church is quite small and intimate which made me be right there where it all happened. I like taking different perspectives so in Naomi and Joseph's case I stood just behind the altar having them in front of me and the also capturing the audience at the same time. They were literally under two meters away from me so it is intimate indeed but just the right thing to capture the spirit of the ceremony. Here some fantastic moments of it..

The ceremony was very moving and absolutely heartfelt and special to be there with them.

Naomi picking up Joseph's ring from the ring cushion. I love this image. The way the motion is captured and the way the page boy looks up at her in awe.

and a little peek into the audience..

And the kiss

The candle ceremony with Naomi's parents..

the candle ceremony with Joseph's parents..

and using both candles to light their own..

and the signing together

and the moment before they were officially pronounced husband and wife

Leaving the church as Mr & Mrs

and a very picturesque congratulations by the bridesmaids..

And shortly after they were off to the reception. In style with the MG

The reception was held at the Cottier Estate which is Joseph's parents vineyard and home. A fact that made everything even more personal and special.

This was their reception marquee nestled into the vines..

One of the greatest details I found on the day was their own champaign label, it just amazed simple yet so impacting

Going into the marquee I found a beautiful elegant table setting..

Everyone's name cards was put into each champaign glass...a great and different way to do it I thought..

the menu featuring the Gladstone church..

Straight after this I went back outside to take in everything that's happening. It was a super warm and sunny evening. A character that is prevailing in all the shots...

Everyone had simply a great time chatting, nibbling and having a drink. The perfect start of a great evening..

This is everyone...

And time to enter the marquee with for the bridal welcoming. I love this vibrant and happy shot of Naomi and Joseph..

This was their cake. Three tiers (pistacio (yumm!), lemon (hmmm) and chocolate (yep!)

This shot of their cake cutting is really "in-between". Not sure if this is the way a native english speaker would describe it but I'm sure you know what I mean

The bridesmaid's speech. Very funny and unconventional!

Joseph's dad listening in..

Joseph's dad's speech. He was great. One of the things he mentioned is how often a dad would only ever speak in public about his son's achievements during his wedding or funeral. "Well, he said, enjoy it Joseph, as you may not be hear the second time anymore". Quite down to the point but also making all of us aware of how important it is to appreciate each other for who we are.

Joseph listening into his dad's speech..

Sam, Joseph's brother and groomsmen, listening in as well..

This gentleman was one of the best to two shots as a time-laps of him. Just precious!

Time for Joseph's speech which was full of emotion...touching as well as just making you burst into laughter. Even though speeches may not be his favourite thing he is a great person for it as it comes from the heart

In the last picture he said something really lovely about his relationship to Naomi. Lots of his friends were just struck by the honesty and openness and the way he put everything into words. Naomi was moved..

his parents also..

and Naomi's father..

and Joseph's brother..

After the speeches it was time for more mingling and dancing...

This image shows Naomi's mum with some of Naomi and Joseph's friends checking out some great images on their phone... I love this image, just full of life!

The colours inside the reception marquee were just amazing...really funky and a great backdrop for a great party..

And time for the first dance..

The band "The Relatives" were great and really brought in the dance mood as the dance floor was always crowded..

After a while it was time for me to stroll outside and take a look for a nice finishing shot. The marquee with it's vibrant lights was exactly summarizing the finish of the day I thought..

Congratulations Naomi and Joseph!