Irene and Matt - Their wedding

Do you remember Irene and Matt from their engagement photo shoot we had a few months ago? It was their wedding day just a few weeks ago which is what I would like to tell you about today.  The day started with Irene getting ready at JimmyQ's  Hair Salon that shares its premises with the Chic Beaute Salon in Kilbirnie. It was the first time for me there so that it was great to meet the great team of artists whilst the girls were being pampered. I simply loved the cozy and gorgeous salon with it's labyrinth of interconnected rooms that made me want to have a beauty treatment too.  Here a shot that shows you the environment a little bit..

I arrived at just the right time. Irene looked absolutely stunning and was just about to have her hair finished. I love this image of her and especially her expression which is not often seen on Irene but which I find so cute

Well here some proof the very tasty part of the pampering treatment. Grapes, with some amazingly succulent looking muffins and chocolates...

This is Irene just before the Make-up artist started with the Make-Up. You do concur that she is actually not even in need of any, so angelic she looks already.

Time it was to put on her vail. She loved the finished look, we all did

Her lovely grandpa getting styled for the day. He is a real character and so much fun to be around. You can judge amount of his charisma by the crowd of females attending his styling session...classic charm indeed

Another lovely touch of the ChicBeaute Salon was to offer complimentary selection of perfume for everyone to test and use. We all loved different ones and left the salon not just looking but also smelling like goddesses. This is goddess Hannah having a wee smell of one of them. Hannah is one of Irene's best friends and bridesmaids.

This is goddess Aimee, Irene's other very best friend and bridesmaid also just adding the finishing touch to her look..

Irene has got of the most contagious laugh. This image is the gorgeous proof...

This is her engagement ring, she adores it

Irene has a very timeless and classy look. When I look at this image it brings me back to a classic beauty look in the 50's

This is Irene's mum Helen chatting with Aimee and others in the room. I love how elegant her mum sits in this shot. It also shows her nice hair do very well.

Irene's turn with the perfume..

Another really nice thing for me to learn about the ChicBeaute Salon was that Sharon has fantastic personal relationships with her clients. Her mum Helen is a regular visitor for pampering sessions there. The big hug between them shows how close they have become over the years which is something so rare these days.

After this lovely finish to the pampering at the salon we went home to Irene's to spend the last few hours before the ceremony there.

The first thing when we arrived was to take a look at the flowers which were very impressive and such a sea of rich colours. Everyone loved them..

A gorgeous shot of Irene's mum Helen.

Beautiful Hannah with her bouquet

and these are their wedding rings (and Irene's french nails ;-)

Her necklace and bracelet

The first peek of her dress a few minutes before it was time to finally wear it, such a great moment on the day

When I went back to see what the girls are up to I found them chatting away in one of the bedrooms. There was such a lovely positive energy between the three of them that was so relaxing for everyone. This image sums this up

and the shoes, love the colour, something quite different. I hope she'll wear them again.

Time to put the dress on. Hannah and Aimee were fantastic and did a great job. I captured this image of Irene whilst they were busy. I don't think she saw me taking the shot as she is so in her own world. Her expression is full of anticipation and overwhelming excitement as she is coming closer to walking down the aisle with every minute. A precious look that is captured forever.

and this was what the girls where looking at...

and the first hug between mum and bride...

And time it was to for the ceremony. It was a rainy morning and it stayed that way until early afternoon. Personally I think rain often adds a lot to the character of the day. Here you see the moment Irene arrived in front of their church of the Salvation Army in Newtown. At this stage all the guests had taken their seats and there was literally no space to spare. Knowing this you can only imagine what went through her head when the car stopped. She took some deep breaths before she opened the door..

She waited in the hallway for a few minutes. I loved the irony of this "No Stopping" sign that was just brought inside from the outside carpark once the bride had arrived. There was literally "No stopping" from this point onwards...

The doors to the chapel opened. The was the bride's view of it...very impressive and quite holy I felt

Hannah walked in first..

followed by Aimee

and the bride Irene

The ceremony was very nice and full of love and laughter.

This was Matt and Irene's outlook from the chapel's stage..

Suiting one of Matt's favourite songs of the service is this holy viewing angle of the ceremony..

Matt's brass band played as part of the service. Matt's father and brother had a solo part as well..this is them

Their mums did a sand ceremony which symbolised the joining of their families.

There were tears as well during very touching parts of the ceremony.

Everything went smooth until about now..the ring ceremony...when the ring fell down...the funniest thing about it was that it happened unintentionally to both rings which gave me these great opportune photographic moments

Lovely shot of Irene receiving her vows from Matt..

Everyone had to smile in so many parts of their ceremony which kept everything so warm and personal

then followed the Hollywood kiss..

and everyone burst into laughter and applause

Signing the register was a delight to observe

the walk up the aisle was a super cheerful dance with some great tunes, laughter and applause. Full of love and energy, that's why I feel that only a series of images can describe it best

The mums who danced up the aisle (see proof in above image!) gave their lovely newlyweds a big hug when they reached the foyer.

A beautiful candid shot of Irene's grandma during all the commotion of congratulations..

Lots of photo times as well

The lovely Rochelle..

And time to leave to have some bridal photos taken. First stop was Hataitai Beach. It's a very special spot for them as that was were Matt proposed to Irene..

I love all of these images but this one especially. We didn't spend a lot of time here so it was amazing to see how many fantastic memories we could capture from just a few minutes in Hataitai

This series on the wharf is also very picturesque and could easily be enlarged to a large canvas for the wall.. timeless and elegant

I love this shot too...Matt helping his bride. Irene looking radiant and elegant

This is the rest of the bunch, their bridal party. Abraham, Kris, Hannah and Aimee.

The girls chatting away whilst feeling unphotographed..

And we arrived at the very spot where Matt proposed. Luckily we had some flower petals with us to relive the moment a little. Here some fantastic super vibrant shots of the two at their special spot being rained on by flower petals..

and these were my lovely petal throw helpers..

Not sure what Matt said but it made her laugh..

Their bridal car fleet, cute, huh?

Now we are at a new location. The botanical Gardens. The colours and surroundings were just spectacular...full of warm autumn colours

A great series of shots..

They were a bit different, here the proof

Meanwhile the bridesmaids are hugging. It was fantastic how great much they both liked each other as well...

A different spot in the peaceful

The girls having a great time together..

And the groom with his groomsmen

Irene and Matt loved ducks too (like me actually). Happy I was to include them a bit..

Matt especially enjoyed chasing the duck just taking off from this crazy guy in a suit running towards her..

It stopped raining for quite a while so I why not add a bit of water to it from a different source then..

Then they started walking off into all directions..

love this very idyllic image of Matt and Irene and the way she looks at him..

I adore this image of Irene

Also a very picturesque image of the two

I love her eyes in this image..

An action shot...mainly because it was getting quite dark and we needed to hit the road as we had a long way ahead of us to the reception. A great moment to capture really

The reception was at the Silverstream Retreat. A fantastic spot for weddings as it offers several spaces for any reception.

This was their table setting..

This was the view of everyone from the cake's view..

I designed lots for their weddings. Their invitations, table name cards, order of service and their seat bookmarks which is pictured here..

And here an image of the cake at it's full glory..

Their MC had some very interesting games ready. One of them was especially entertaining and telling us a lot of truth about the everyday life in their marriage...each had to take their shoes off and swap one with each. Then go back to back to each other and start answering numerous questions about who would be responsible for what in their life...well they did agree on some...but along this way were a few hiccups as you can some great snaps of it..

Irene checking up on Matt's answer to a question...

Afterwards it was time for some speeches. Irene spoke as well which was really nice

This is Matt's brother who is now also Irene's brother

Irene saying some very nice things to Matt..

Matt's time to speak..

Matt's mum and dad loving what he says..

Helen loved his words about her as well

In the end of Matt's speech newlyweds gave each other the biggest hug which prompted everyone into giving them a huge applause

Here some nice shots of them with their parents in an atmospheric evening setting of the retreats outdoor deck.

And the highlight of the night and a great finish is their first dance. They were so relaxed and really enjoyed it which you can see on the images I captured..

Congratulations Matt and Irene. It was an absolute pleasure and thanks for looking after me so well!

Big hugs to all of you love birds out there.