Angela and Matthew - Antique Elegance and a gorgeous white stallion!

Angela and Matt's wedding was very special and one I personally looked forward to for ages. Their wedding ceremony took place in the Wallaceville Church which is nestled into the Whitemans Valley. A very lovely and secluded spot for a medium size wedding party the church has some lovely rich wooden interiors and some lovely gardens and a mossy rustic gate  that further adds to the old-time charm. Just stunning!

After this we went to Ohariu Valley to see George!

Angela has two loves of her life, Matt and her stallion George. She usually sees George every day after work and during weekends Matt often accompanies her. So yes, we went to his stable in Ohariu Valley for a little photoshoot on their big day as well and it was very exciting as I just adore animals.  Working with animals is always more challenging as unforseen things are likely to happen and lots of times you've got to go with the flow.

Angela and Matt are a very romantic couple which is what I wanted to show in their images. I wouldn't say George is romantic but he does look the part especially on their big day he was groomed to a  sparkling white colour...whoa!!!!!!! This combined with a gorgeous bride and the rich-yellow rolling hills of the Ohariu Valley could only be the perfect date for three.

and after Ohariu Valley to the Parliament...

and after the Parliament to one my my favourite wedding venues in town - The Wellesley Boutique Hotel. If you like old-fashioned charm, impressive artwork and one of the most gorgeous warm function rooms full of romantic lit chandeliers consider this as your venue in Wellington.

And this was one very cute image I took of Angela and her sister Tracy together during the Getting Ready:

I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did taking them.

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