Graeme and Kim - Lush red love the Scottish way!

Graeme and Kim met in Scotland some years ago. Both of them have this lovely Scottish accent I just adore although only one of them is actually from Scotland!Kim and born and bred Kiwi travelled the world and found Graeme the one very special souvenir she had to bring back with her to Wellington. That's why Wellington turned into Edinburgh last Saturday when Graeme and his family and friends celebrated his marriage to Kim. As always it's the little details that count, that's why the typical chocolate favours got replace by some lovely Scots-Whiskey. He has been very considerate and even had the Scottisch AND New Zealand flag printed on it to represent both of their heritages equally. Jenny photographed Graeme and Kim's wedding for me. The ceremony took place in Old St Paul's which is one of the loveliest grand churches in town.

After the ceremony they went to the Parliament, the Botanical Garden and the Waterfront for just the right mixture of images.

The reception took place in the Intercontinental Hotel on Grey St which is a very classy venue in a very convenient location for most people.

So here is what you have been waiting for....the Photos:

and the Whiskey :-P

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PS: I almost forgot to mention that Kim is Kirsty's cousin! Take a look back at my previous posts to see the images I took of  Kirsty and Jono's wedding. Two gorgeous brides...Congratulations to you and your families...What an eventful year!