Leeanda's bump

Remember when I showed you Leeanda and Oukham's wedding images from a few months back? Well as I mentioned then already Leeanda is expecting. At the time of the wedding there was no obvious bump yet however now there is and I have been lucky that Leeanda asked me to take photos of it.

The first one is most amazing as Leeanda has this incredible tattoo. Combined with her amazing shape and some luxurious fabric the image was created!

A truly amazing piece of art that will likely find a great place in their house soon.

I know when pregnant you may often don't feel very glamorous, well that's the way Leeanda felt and the more amazing for her was to see the fantastic results of the session. It truly gives you a new side to your body..


Leeanda with Oukham.. They are both very much looking forward to their little baby

The great thing is that you can often wear lots of your usual clothing. This gorgeous butterfly dress for instance is one that easily fitted the bump too


This is the last image of the photo shoot I'd like to show you. Her smile is so beautiful, it really goes under the skin..

Have a great rest of the week and you can trust that more beautiful images will come shortly.

If you have a preference of genre...let me know!