Andy and Ryan's Graduation

Hi Everyone, In May/June I was quite busy photographing graduations which was a lot of fun. I will publish lots of this years graduation images on my website soon however thought to give a little sneak preview of one of the shoots as I loved their story.

Andy and Ryan at Uni right at the start of their studies. Together they still are and finished the biggest step, their PHD together. It wasn't this season but already two years ago. When it was their graduation they were so busy with everything but organising to have some nice shots taken. So now, two years later as things have settled a bit, they hired their graduation gowns again to have some nice portraits of their special time taken by me.

Luckily Ryan studied law so that we had access to the law school which is just beautiful and filled with memories for so many of you.

So lets show you some of their favourite images:

clear proof of the campus romance :-)


I love this shot which resembles a casanova office romance...


Andy and Ryan's main home is an old villa in the Wairarapa. The image their chose as their main large center piece for their living area is this image of them sitting on the law school staircase which is full of memories but also warmth which will look lovely and historic. Love this image, very relaxed and classy

I hope you enjoyed this. Have a great day, the sun is out again...well needed indeed!