Paddy's Girls

Hi there, this time I want to show you some images I captured of Paddy and his gorgeous family. The moment I met them you knew how close this family is which is something I really wanted to come across in their images.

Jessie, one of his daughters called this first shot...The Sandwich!! Haha...quite fitting I thought but also something that just makes you smile every time you look at it.


Paddy's daughters had a little advantage to their parents which was that they had a shoot with me a few months prior they are more or less professional models at this stage..

The first time I photographed them was in late was a gorgeous day so we went out to the beach. Here some of their favourite shots of that shoot



Back in the studio a couple of months later the whole family came. Here a gorgeous shot of Erin


Paddy with his wife Ruth

and the sisters together, Jessie and Erin


and finishing off with this gorgeous family photograph..


I hope you enjoyed this. More to come next week!


Have a lovely week