Tracey and Terry's Wedding at Boomrock

Hi Everyone What a gorgeous day out there! Perfect timing to show you some beautiful images of Tracey and Terry's wedding a few weeks ago which Jenny photographed. You may remember them from their engagement shoot earlier this year?

Here one of my favourite images of them taken at the iconic Boomrock



But let's start take a look how their day started. We usually don't take many shots of the bride without Make-up but it's different for Tracey as she really pulled of that natural look. Here Ms Gorgeous with her lovely mum at Kristina Raffaele onĀ 23 Waring Taylor Street.

Tracey is a born and bred Irish girl (with a lovely accent that always brings me right back to the time when I lived in Dublin) for obvious reason she spent loads of her getting ready time on the phone with loved ones back home. It was a very emotional few hours leading to the ceremony...

Here a some snaps of the in-between of being on the phone...putting the dress on and being just simply excited!


I love love love this shot too....see her smile. Priceless


This image shows one of those very precious reflective moments when she just looked saw herself in the mirror for the first time and couldn't believe it was her. This deep breath this image shows coupled with the excitement of the bridesmaids in the background give me goosebumps

The bridesmaids were not only beautiful but also a lot of fun to be around. The really made Tracey's day and made her relax as you can see in these shots very well....


So let't take a look at the other side of things..the church. They chose a cute little settlers church in Makara which is a real hidden gem. I loved this shot of everyone arriving and getting ready to get in to wait for Tracey's arrival..

A small church doesn't mean you can't fit things in. Tracey and Terry added the fantastic touch of having a string quartet right at the entrance of the church. They played beautifully and added a lot of character



Looking up you saw Terry, our groom having a chat with the priest..


and going outside again it was time to gather everyone in as the bride is arriving very shortly..



Tracey was led down the aisle by her can see how her eyes were everywhere to try and take it all in. It's one of those other goose bump moments for a bride (and probably also for her brother)

I especially loved the colouring of the interior walls of the church which adds so much warmth and freshness. I love this image of Terry looking at Tracey. He looks very smitten indeed.


Everything was so classy and elegant...the flowers portrayed that as well and added a touch of old-fashioned charme


Terry and Tracey's mums lit their candle together



and time for the kiss....I love this shot of their kiss as it's not super sharp, it really gives it this photo-journalistic real touch




I love this image of Tracey and their candles....very beautiful


could a signing of the register be any more happy and cheerful...fantastic shot



and officially Mr & Mrs



The nice thing with this little church in Makara is that it has some lovely rugged sheds and gardens around it which give a great backdrop for photography. So instead of going straight to Boomrock we stayed here for a short while..


A stunning shot of Tracey....


having a great time together...




This series would be a beautiful frame for their wall


The groomsmen with Tracey



Then it was time to go to Boomrock and enjoy some of their activities. Tracey and Terry really looked forward to this and got into it straight away....extreme golfing, claybird shooting and petanque



The sun and views were just stunning and amazing to capture. The family and friends thought so too. So perfect for them to take a few more group shots..



This is Tracey's brother


Tracey and her mum are very close...this series of them really reflects this



We had a few more minutes prior to the start of the reception to take some more shots in the gorgeous evening light




This shot was taken in the Boomrock car which chauffeured them to the different scenic spots..


Like this location...stunning. I can just imagine this as a large centre piece in their home...




Now it was time to get back to their family and friends to celebrate.




Sun was streaming in through all the windows which made the reception room glow with evening light..




And the grand finale, Terry and Tracey's entrance...




All speeches were very good and super funny causing the entire wedding party to erupt with laughter.


And a really nice and long smoochy kiss.....for all those many hobby paparazzis (their friends and family) that wanted a nice kiss photo after their ceremony kiss was such a short and stormy one :-D



I love this shot as our almost's that last look back when Jenny packed up to head home...just turning around to take this snap



And last but not least...the evening was gorgeous so many people did go outdoors again to mingle and share have a drink the very last shot of the night and a lovely finish..

Congratulations Tracey and Terry. Can't wait to see you shortly to relive your day in pictures with you.


Sabrina and Jenny