Andrea and Andreas Wedding

Andrea and Andreas wedding was just beautiful. They chose a full mess and had parts of the poems translated in up to three languages. Greek, which is Andreas heritage, french which is Andrea's chosen language of her life and English to make sure the rest of us understood. The wedding seemed to have flown by so swiftly and when looking at the shots I took it really took me on how detailed and emotional the day was. I was able to capture some truly beautiful moments between the newly-weds and also of the ceremony, so that I'm very excited to share some of them with you.

As mentioned the ceremony was a full mess. Just gorgeous so please let me show you a more extended version of it than usual..

The wedding ceremony was held at St Barnabas Church in Roseneath. A very warm wooden and beautiful church in Wellington.

This lovely lady, Gunilla,  ushered everyone and handed out the order of service..


This is Andreas, the groom just chatting to one of the guests whilst awaiting the bride..

The moment we have been waiting for arrived... I love this shots of the father doing is last moments of preparation followed by little flower girl Georgia (three years of age!) who strode in ready for her big part..

The bride arrived. I love this shot of last big breath before the moment she is walking down the aisle..

Here her matron of honour (and sister) followed by her bridesmaid Sarah and the flower girls...and a little glimpse of the bride right in the end there. Haley's smile is beautiful and quite smitten I think.

Andreas looks even more smitten to see his bride

It's one of those goose-bump moment when the veil is lifted..

There was some very nice singing as well

Here the Best Man Mark and Groomsman Savvas during the ceremony


There were many great moments during the ceremony that made everyone burst into laughter...especially Andrea and Andreas

I love this shot as the light is falling on her so gently through this window beside her..quite angelic, isn't it?

The Prayers...


And finally Mr & Mrs!!

Whilst Andrea and Andreas where greeting their guests the bell-ringer was busy ringing the church bells...what a joyous occasion

There was a good Wellington breeze on the day. It actually adds to the charme of things, don't you think?

I took some family shots at the church too. This is one I especially like..

This is a series of shots I like that show you background and foreground, portraying the commotion and good vibes that where in between the family and friends

And this shows the absolute youngest guest of their cute..


The interaction between the bridal couple was very lovely and intimate. It allowed me to capture some very special moments before I even started the more official part of the photo session.

Andrea was well looked after by everyone. I love this shot where her bridesmaid Sarah just jumps in to adjust her train....

I would love to frame this series of close-to-the-heart images for them...hmmm



Andrea looks so beautiful in these shots...radiating!

And off we went to Wallaceville House where their reception was about the commence soon...before we did get a few more shots in....

Some beautiful portraits of Andrea. Her flowers where made by Bunches by the way.

The reception room looked very elegant

I love this shot of Andrea leading Andreas along to have a sneak-peek of the tables before the guests arrive got seated..

Their wedding cake was very special and looked and smelled absolutely divine! It is called la croque-en-bouch and was made by La Cloche in Wellington.

I finished off with this image of the two of them walking back to the Wallaceville House to commence their wedding evening..

Congratulations Andrea and Andreas.

Bisous, Sabrina