Nivea and Troy's Wedding Day

Hello Everyone Today I'd like to share Nivea and Troy's day with you. They celebrated the wedding a few weeks ago. It was an amazing warm sunny day, just perfect for the two of them and their big wedding. Everything was buzzing and whereever I looked where things happening.

Nivea got ready with her five bridesmaids and her flower girls in the Kingsgate Hotel which is nice and close to their church The Old St Paul's cathedral. I think we literally took up one entire floor of the hotel as there were just so many of was lots of fun and added to the excitement and buzz..

Let's show you some of the shots I took during the getting ready..

Nivea is one of those super women...gorgeous and smart. She wore this really nice silk dress during the getting ready which suited her so some glimpses of her beauty.

Loads of compliments were received for her Jimmy Choo shoes....hmmm


The very smart looking page boy and their rings beautifully arranged..


Claudine Stace and her assistant were looking after the Make-up and Hair on the day. They did a fantastic job....I love it how Claudine elegantly lifts the face of Nivea to check for any imperfections. Pure beauty!


some very yummy looking rose petals that will be thrown when it's time to walk down the aisle


This is Troy, her fiance at the time... ;-) I love it how he adjusts his hair millimeter by millimeter. Troy got ready in the same hotel so that I could whip to his room also to take these snaps



Nivea is finished and wants to put on her dress please...I have to say: Her first dress for the day! She will wear three as time progresses today..amazing idea I know and a lot of fun to see the transformations!



This little triptych of the bridesmaids really show you how well they got on and how much fun they had during Nivea's special day...


It was time to go to the church. Here a nice moment of Nivea's father awaiting his daughter's arrival..



Old St Paul's looking lovely ..



And here she is. They hired six mini's to take take us all around the you can see the cream coloured one for Nivea..


I'm not exactly sure but am guessing the she is indeed memorizing her vows for the last possible time before the big moment...classical!


A very nice touch was that Nivea's grandpa and grandma were the first to walk down the aisle. It's very symbolic and on top of that made them very happy which you can just see in this images.



One last close moments with the girls....

And off they go down the aisle...just look at their smitten faces....they are so proud of their Nivea!




The flower girls throwing those yummy rose petals..


And a collage of the rest of the entourage that announce Nivea's arrival..


And Nivea's moment is here..


very royal!






I especially love this image not only because it shows the ring bearer passing the ring over but also the moment when Nivea and Troy look into their eyes just before it was time to commit themselves to marriage..priceless moment!


One of their nice touches was indeed that they were holding hands a lot throughout the day...I was able to capture some very nice moments of it..



Beautiful prayer









The first thing Nivea and Troy did when the came out of the church was to give each other a very long's one of those amazing moments on your wedding day which every couple should indulge in

The very happy bridesmaids congratulating the beautiful couple..


This is everyone including the six mini's which are aligned to the right of the image. Cute, right?

Another beautiful image of them holding hands whilst mingling with their family and friends in the church courtyard

Love this moment of her grandparents and bridesmaids having a big laugh...

This shot is very cute and reminds me of a sneaky kiss ...not sure if they actually really kissed or just chatted but it has that super-cute factor for me

nice shot of the minis

The bridal party ready for their photo session...yay!!!!!

Those lovely shoes again!

The roof of a mini can also be a great prop for bouquet images!

So off we went to Ohariu Valley. Stunning day combined with the tranquillity of the country side made us all relax a little.







I told you we were all very relaxed in Nivea have a little dance in the gentle breeze





As kissing images go this one is special and right at the top of my ranking on how good they can get...I love it how her lips are almost touching his but not quite yet...nice















After Ohariu we went back into the city. Just the three of us...

I love this shot...



Many of these shots could have been taken in the Mediterranean...but's Wellington















And time to join everyone for their reception....and time for Nivea to put her 2nd dress on!

First thing...bouquet toss!


Then time to go inside and enjoy some very heartfelt speeches...there were lots of tears

The Boatshed was decorated beautifully. Lots of the table decorations were handmade by them and just presented with love..


Here some great shots of Nivea and Troy's speech..




Their first dance was very very very special and pretty much would win a price if there was some sort of competition like that!

Here some glimpses of what it was like. Also please notice her new dress No. 3....beautiful!






These shots are my finished shots....The Wellington Nightscape with it's scryscrapers mirroring the beautiful lanterns of the reception room. This would look stunning as a big image on the wall. What a memory of the evening!

and the party continues on...

Congratulations Nivea and Troy. All the best for your future together.