Pauline and Carey's Wedding

Hi Everyone I'm very excited to show you the images of Pauline and Carey's wedding as I have been looking forward to their big day for quite a few years...having photographed Pauline on a number of occasions like two bodypainted pregnancies and family celebrations her big day has finally arrived.

This blog will also get a lot of attention for its wedding cake. The reason is that Pauline has won New Zealand Pastry Chef of the Nation in previous years which means that she is an absolute superstar when it comes to patisserie!

Her wedding cake was extremely impressive, royal and very elegant as she kept it very minimalistic in the colour scheme and decided to use a technique called Royal Icing. Tres chique!

So let's get started to show you their day. The cake images are at the bottom so enjoy your journey there!!

This first image is special as it shows a photograph of Pauline from way back in the 80's! This image inspired her for the style of hair-do she is wanting for her big day. The amazing iconic Dany Pike did Pauline's Make-up and Hair and transformed her back into time really. She looked amazing as you will see shortly..





A little collage of Pauline getting ready. She was filled with laughs and tears of joy ..


Pauline lives in this beautiful old villa which gave us a gorgeous backdrop for photography..









Love this image of her. Very striking





Pauline LOVES shoes. She had loads of them especially her favourite brand UNITED NUDE...hmmm

This triptych of her summs her up very well. Three pairs of Nude shoes and which ones to wear...????








Carey, the groom,  looking extremely excited just before the ceremony.

And Pauline arrives at St Mary's of the Angels..



It is one of those amazing churches Wellington has on offer...magical





























Finally Mr & Mrs and so happy! Congratulations...













and off we go to the Botanical Gardens. Pauline and Carey were lucky on the day as they were able to get around in Pauline's favourite classic car from 1959"...very stylish indeed!













Carey is quite into martial arts. He asked me to take these a bit unusual shot of him and his best doing the splits and and giving him this big kick in the stomach...both were really fun to capture actually




And time for the reception it was...



Another group photo which was a lovely surprise to me as I was asked to take this additional one. Than when I finished taking my shots they sung the biggest Happy Birthday to me ever...well beat that... (yes it was my birthday on that day so not just a joke..haha)

I think these two girls are some nieces of Pauline's but I'm not entirely sure. They were very sweet and fun to photograph..


And voila...the cake..



Congratulations to Pauline and Carey and thanks for having us on the day.

Merry Christmas to everyone.. Sabrina