Jennifer and David's Wedding at the Gear Homestead

Hello Everyone, Jennifer and David's wedding took place just before Christmas. Their wedding ceremony was at St Andrew's Church in Plimmerton followed by their reception at the Gear Homestead.

The weather turned better and better by the hour which added to everyone's enjoyment even more.

Let's show you there day and I will give you some more insights as we go along...

This is St Andrew's church...very cozy and inviting

David, the groom, just before the bride's arrival.

and the Bentley, David's favourite car, arriving with his even more favourite Jenny

It was a slightly windy day so Jenny made her way in swiftly

Some last reassuring words from the wicker..

and down the aisle she walked..

to be awaited by a very happy David


David and Jennifer had a lovely singer for their ceremony as well as for parts of the reception.








and finally Mr & Mrs



This is Jennifer's mum and David's sister walking out of the church together right behind the bridal couple. I just love their joy and excitement



Here some great shots from their arrival at the Gear Homestead..



David is a presenter and communicator by trade, so I was not surprised when he took control of the crowd without hesitation and with his well known David charme. I love this photos in which he gathered everyone for the main group photo..Looking at everyone's expression as they listen to David's instructions is absolutely priceless...

David conducting the group photo...

and here the actual result... a beautiful image of everyone

And then came the time to sneak away quickly for some photographs in the gardens of the homestead. I won't comment to much on these images as they speak for themselves. David and Jennifer are a fantastic couple with great energy between them.



























And back at the reception we found that the party had started. Everyone was having a fantastic time which please the bride and groom immensely.


Each of these images shows one of David's daughters so that I called this composition "sisters having fun"




Mother and daughter..beautiful


David and Jenny asked me to take some nice couple photographs of their friends as a Thank You. I thought this was a great idea and the turnout was fantastic as more or less every couple had their photograph taken. Here a small selection of some fun ones...

And time to start the dinner and speeches... I adore this shot of the Bentley with the Gear Homestead in the background. It feels like we were back in the days...



He is one of David's best friends and the MC for the evening... When I saw him enjoying a quiet drink on this setting I had to take a shot and he caught me out as his laugh tells you..

The singer sung some more songs for everyone...unique idea that went right under everyone's skin

cousin hugging

One of David daughter's giving a speech

I love these snaps of her speech. Apart from her check out her cousin's reaction to what she was saying! hilarious!!

The MC showcasing David's dancing practices..

I absolutely adored the gusto with which Jennifer's mum gave her speech. She had such a good time sharing some well remembered moments of Jennifer's life with us, it was just marvelous!


I love this shot as well. David praising his sister having his hand on her shoulder. I love it how she just looked right at me with the cheeky smile enjoying the moment of glory..




The cake cutting took place downstairs. Everyone gathered in the room which was something quite rare so I really wanted to capture that as well as the actual cutting of the cake so relive some of the vibrance that was there that day..

They did a 'mock' first dance for me which was also a first for me...

I hope you enjoyed these photographs. Congratulations to Jennifer and David and all the best for your future together.

See you all soon,



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