Barry and Amy's Wedding at the Queen Charlotte Sounds

Hello Everyone, I'm delighted to share Barry and Amy's wedding day with you today as it was just magical.

A small and very intimate ceremony at their family's bach in the Queen Charlotte Sounds which was just the let's show you some of those amazing images.

The jetty all made up for the ceremony was the first thing I saw when I arrived in our (rescue) dinghy..(long story!)

The way it was made up must have been an inspiration from a fairytale I thought.


This is Amy, the bride with her mum


and here Amy with her dad.

We only had a few minutes together prior to the ceremony. The whole house was buzzing with excitement which makes me smile when I see these images of Amy enjoying those last few minutes....with butterflies in her tummy!

I couldn't stop myself to have a closer look at the jetty all set up so beautifully. It's the details that matter which is something that Amy obviously takes pride in.

The seashells, lovely flowers, and even beige crocket book cover that was carefully placed on the chair for the celebrant to take her notes from. Everything was just magnificent.


See the little heart shaped Barry & Amy chalk board....(details count!)

And the moment we have been waiting for has arrived. Amy is led down the walkway (aka aisle) to the jetty

This is the view from their perspective...


They are fully in sight now which is when her heart would be beating overtime





The bay was just like a pond. No wind and thus so tranquil.




There were tears of love which moved everyone



I love this image of her mum just after wiping some tears away clutching her tissue with both hands..





These are Rosie's bare feet...just loved this and couldn't stop myself taking a quite snap of cute


After they were Mr & Mrs they released some butterflies which was a really nice gesture. They were so tame and beautiful


Amy's butterfly fell in love with her as well and did not want to leave her they farewell it together. The second shot shows you how it just made it into the


Their children, Koko and Hunter with their newly-wedded mum and dad. Congratulations!


The next part of the day takes us on an adventure with The Faith, a beautiful 66 foot motor yacht, which took us around the sounds for about one hour or so.

Everyone had a fantastic time. Here you can see Barry father with Amy having a laugh together

I really like this shot of Barry's father



Some quality moments with her dear little daughter Koko...


It was a lot of fun photographing them on the yacht whilst we were cruising around...




Little Koko

Rosie, Amy's niece..

We also had a very capable captain with Barry's nephew... ;-)

another here one more nephew of Barry's. Love this shot too

Time-lapses are always great. I especially like this one in which she dreams into the far and then turns around laughing and finishes giving me this gorgeous smile..hmmm



Rosie looking after little Hunter








In the end the faith turned into the Bay of Many Coves 5-Star luxury resort where the bridal party could enjoy their degustation wedding meal together. I remember that I happened to look up to the balcony of the level where the party was seated to see Barry's father gazing into the bay....perfect time to take this quick snap of him doing so...such a fleeting moment that probably nobody but me saw and him saw at the time..

The tables were to no surprise made up beautifully so that I had a lot of fun photographing here. The children had a separate table from the adults which was a great idea. They had goody bags with loads of surprises which they just some snippets of the beauty and excitement..


Hunter having some quality time with his grand-dad...


The resort had some very nice spots for photography which was perfect as we didn't have to go far to capture the beauty..






























I really like this image of Barry..



The food was amazing and I was lucky to even watch the chefs prepare I was right in paradise!


This is our last cheers from this beautiful wedding as my water taxi was just beeping..

Congratulations Barry and Amy, you are a wonderful couple and family.