Finding a cure against cancer..

The latest shoot I did for the In-Business Magazine brought me back to the Malaghan Institute. I met Graham Le Gros and Vicky Hale a few weeks ago whilst photographing the launch of the Art of Giving store on Thorndon Quay.

The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand's leading independent medical research institute and holds a special and distinctive place in the New Zealand health research scene.

Their scientists specialise in the fields of cellular immunology, infectious disease, immune models of human disease, and the development of immune system-based therapies and vaccines, with a focus on delivering medical research discoveries that provide tangible health benefits to the community.

At present they have over 50 full-time scientists undertaking cutting edge immunology research into the prevention and treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma, arthritis and infectious diseases.

There are institutes in most countries of the worlds where scientists work hard to put together vaccines that cure or at least lengthen the life span of a patient. He also told us about customized medicine which is going to be a huge part in trying to help all the different types of cancers there are.

Well, unfortunately I'm not as knowledgable in this topic as Ian Hermans of the Vaccine Research Group at the Institute I photographed for the story that's going to be published in the next edition of In-Business so I hope you found this topic enticing to either browse for some more information or even donate to help the Malaghan Institute achieve our goal of one day curing cancer.

Take care and look after yourself,

Sabrina xox