Sabrina and Erik's Wedding Day

Hi Everyone I photographed a german-dutch wedding the other week and funnily enough the german bride even shared her first name with me ...that was a first!

They celebrated at the beautiful Ohariu  Farm on a day that was windstill and quite perfect conditions for me !

So let's dive straight into their day...


I arrived at the cottage to see her beautiful gown made by Sophie Voon


Sabrina and Erik welcomed a little baby daughter into their life just a few months prior to the wedding. This is her, little Kira.

and this was Kira's outfit for the day. Very Cute!

This is the bride Sabrina. Make-up and Hair was done by Miranda Millen Make-up Artistry

Bridal multi-tasking....feeding a baby whilst being done up for your wedding...that's the spirit!

Nadine, her matron of honor getting ready herself...

Sabrina looked just like a movie you see the resemblance to Eva Longoria? hmmmm


Another beautiful story of the day were the making of the bridesmaids bouquets. Mid day of the wedding one of the bridesmaids has the thought that they should be holding onto something when walking down the aisle. Well, the other one grabs the phone to ring her partner who runs into the fields to pick up some flowers. Well, I don't think he know how many to bring as as small selection of very beautiful colourful ones arrived. I have to say that I loved the outcome a lot. Very special and memorable and home-made, style doesn't have to have a pricetag!

Sabrina was running a wee bit late (which is what we thought at first) here some shots of the guests waiting patiently.

Then five minutes before the ceremony started blew the fabric off. " Oh NO! So Sabrina's brother went all the way and got up the ladder to fix it! Classic I thought! German DIY

Well, things did take a wee bit longer. This was about twenty minutes overtime...still no Sabrina in sight...

And then she arrived...thirty minutes later. Her fathers hard dropped when he saw his Sabrina. You could see the pride in his glistening eyes. Here the big welcome kiss before he led her down the aisle.











Little baby Kira slept through more or less the entire ceremony...haha


I love the cheeky way her brother looks at Sabrina before he starts his speech




It was not only Sabrina and Erik's wedding ceremony but also Kira's naming ceremony. Well she didn't think she needs to wake up for that :-)

The candles were a little temperamental. It took a few attempts and lighting methods to get them going by Erik's and Sabrina's father.



the best tears


And the little ring bearer did such a good job as he waited so patiently for his turn to finally bring them to the celebrant.













and time to have some photos of the two of them was a very romantic setting and the colours really compliment Sabrina and Erik


















Back at the woolshed, Sabrina is just walking up with Kira looking beautiful!



Entrance into the reception so let the party start!




This photo wall was a very nice touch. They put pictures of their history together up and everyone who spotted themselves in the photos was allowed to take it with them as a memory..


Sabrina and Erik have this thing for the hungry caterpillar...thus their wedding cake!

Let's cut it up..


Congratulations to you both! Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! Ihr seit ein tolles Paerchen.

Sabrina (the other one)