Kellie and Phil's Wedding

  Hello Everyone,

Time to show how I spent my days lately! Remember this wild weather Saturday a few weeks ago? I do and Kellie and Phil do even more as it was their wedding day. And it was FANTASTIC. I actually think the weather made it even more cozy, cuddly and passionate...but more to that as I tell you their story..

Their wedding was at the very picturesque Pauatahanui church St Alban's followed by a photo shoot around the greatest spots of Whitby and finished off by a beautiful sing-a-song reception at the Paremata Boating Club

So let's start with the Getting her gorgeous shoes which she loved so much she wore them even when she had her make-up and hair done!

Her gown waiting eagerly to be worn

I loved Kellie's spirit on the day. She was full of beans and just bursting with excitement and anticipation.

These are favourite flowers so makes sense to have them as her bouquet as well...

Well this is the groom, Phil. He's special, or better said, Kellie and Phil are even more special when combined. One of their couple things to do and share is to have Kellie paint Phil's toe nails on a regular basis. So these are Phil's feet nails sporting a very pretty misty icey blue.... very all had a good laugh about them actually.., haha

This is Phil with his best man trying to sort out their ties. They were this modern type that's like a hook-in, so proofed more difficult than we thought to make it look great. Well, it was good as it kept them busy for a while and out of mischief which is a good thing!


Her shoes again...hmmm

The beautiful bride Kellie


The rings were special as I loved the way they had their wedding day engraved on the inside of his ring. they had it spelled out THREE THREE TWELVE and a almost Lord of The Ring type serif font. Very pretty and also adds that Phil wont be having an excuse to forget their anniversary!

Kellie having a laugh with her Make-up and Hair artist Hillary.

Very cute book: To my Bridesmaid....   If you have time on the day it can be a great way to share this special time with your bridesmaid and give your feelings words..

Very graceful ..

And Kellie's son Connor arrived in a whirlwind and gave his beautiful mum this smashing loving hug...priceless!


Time to put on the dress..

The is St Alban's church...very gorgeous setting as well as cute warm church. A special place indeed.




The bride arrives... it was raining cats and dogs at this stage. The church was so cozy and cuddly warm that the sound of the rain hitting the roof just made it even more a magical place to be and share this time with Kellie and Phil














All you could see between them was their love and excitement. Very special and moving!









Nice little detail was that Kellie's son Connor was ringing the church bell to announce the marriage. Probably a goose-bump moment for Kellie and Phil.



As the weather was not so welcoming we decided to have our main group photo inside the church. I actually prefer this to many standard type group shots...what do you think?

Nice moment between the girls..

Running for it and with it...







After the church grounds we went to a little reserve which was partly accessible and partly flooded...well adds to the challenge I thought.


















After that we tightened another notch and braved the real wilderness of was howling, about 5 degrees Celcius and in between rain...  this images are proof that all this doesn't need to matter. The shoot was super vibrant, with many cars beeping as they drove passed in admiration for the bride and grooms adventure spirit. Fantastic shoot that we finished with a scream of excitement, passion and pure happiness. Very memorable and fantastic shots under those extreme NZ've got to love it!








Time for the reception. This was kind of quirky. Loved how the boat came through the empty glass....anyway, maybe you like it too...





The catering company looks very pleased...if you know me you know that this is NOT staged!!

One lovely gesture of Phil and Kellie's was to put some big canvas of their engagement shots I took  up on the walls of the reception room. It looked stunning and their guests really enjoyed them too....and it gave me the warm and fuzzies...haha








One of their greatest ideas for the reception was that they named every table after one of Phil's favourite music bands. Once everybody took their seats they announced that every table had to SING a song of their table's band in order to be served any food tonite. Here some shots of those singing adventures. I loved it. What a great way to loosen everything up and bring people together! Well done!




Love this shot of their cake cutting...check out Connor already digging in...




Phil really went all the way and sang a song for Kellie. To all of our surprise it actually sounded really good! You can see that Kellie thought to too :-)





The first dance was OUT THERE. All of you Dirty Dancing fans can now visually follow their dancing routing which was quite exceptional. "Time of my Life" we go





Congratulations to you both and see you soon for your Viewing.

Enjoy the sunshine out there...gorgeous day!!