Hayley and Stuart's Wedding

Hello Everyone, Today I'd like to share Hayley and Stuart's wedding day with you. We were really lucky and had some fantastic weather which is wonderful when you plan an outdoor ceremony at Ohariu Farm! If you are watching TV here and there watch out for Ohariu Farm latest TV advert which features Hayley and Stuarts wedding and some of these shots. Star spotting indeed!

But let's start from the first minute I spent with them in Hayley's beautiful tranquille family home in Whitby. Her parents place is gorgeously overlooking the Whitby estuary and simply bathed in sun.

Hayley and Stu's colour scheme was yellow....such a great choice but yet so rare.

I started off with Hayley's beautiful accessories...bracelett (its a family heirloom!), her gown of course and then the shoes!


The bridesmaids...


Whilst the girls where being pampered Hayley's dad was busy sprucing up the garden with some beautiful lanterns. It worked so well on those trees.

And her pants spoil it...but yes, this is our bride Hayley just having a quick glance back at her flowers..


Gorgeous bridesmaid in gorgeous dress...handmade dress

I just love love love Hayley's chocolate brown eyes!


This staircase has a bit of a story to tell. Hayley's mum bought this place years ago mainly due to this staircase as she always dreamed about seeing her daughters being photographed on it in their wedding gown. I loved the staircase too and made sure we get some fantastic shots for her mum to treasure forever.

This first selection of shots I love...very photo-journalistic (there will be more later...the ones her mum will LOVE)

time to put on the dress!




These are the shots for Hayley's mum. Doesn't she look radiant?!

Girls having some fun!



And off we are to the wedding ceremony at Ohariu Farm

This is the groom Stuart, waiting for Hayley to arrive



This is Hayley's father's car, a Mustang! I love beauty and this car is BEAUTIFUL!






Her father giving her away to Stuart. A big moment in every father's life.












Everyone had such a great time chatting and having a drink together


Beautiful shot indeed

The bridesmaid's dresses where just MADE for swinging and swirling...hmmm fresh

I always love the late evening sun at Ohariu Farm, it's tranquil and rich.


Hayley and Stuart are great together...they just couldn't stop smiling (why should they actually :-)




Men in black comes to my mind :-)






















Superman socks times THREE...it's all about the details!





The reception room was looking gorgeous too..



This candle was lit for Stuart's late mum...

the candy bar was a big success and not just for little ones...



Ohariu Farm's buffet is always beautifully presented and super tasty....here some gorgeous shots of it.











And after the first dance was my time to go. I couldn't stop myself and extend by taking some more night shots of the venue and the party...it was such a splendid and magical night. Look at these shots. It's such a long exposure you can see the clouds move into pure milkiness.



Congratulations Hayley and Stuart!