NZ's first Sake Tasting!

I photographed New Zealand's first Sake Tasting event held by Ozeki Corporation Japan for the In-Business Magazine yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Not sure if it was due to the good mixture of people with totally different backgrounds or due to the many cultures that mingled....or maybe the Sake did influence things a wee bit too..

All I  know was  that it was very well done and every attendee looked sincerely joyful and pleased to have been there. We even received a couple of chances to learn a lot about the different kinds of Sake (yes, there are more than one kind!) including a Q&A part of the session which was very helpful especially for the food specialists that were there to get to know the rice wine of Japan better.

Personally I was also lucky to run into the Ambassador of Germany (Thomas Meister) and the Ambassador of Brazil (Renate Stille) who are both fluent German speakers and just lovely people to share the odd glass of sake with.

Here some images of the night. I can't have drunk too much as surprisingly all images turned out in focus and without cut-off heads ;-)

Kampai, Cheers and Prost