Wei and Shanshan's Wedding

Hi Everyone, Wei and Shanshan's wedding was a few weeks ago and very beautiful. Both being chinese it was amazing to see how the chinese and kiwi culture blended into each other.

They had their marriage ceremony at the Old St. Pauls followed by an evening reception at the Grand Century Restaurant on Tory St.  which is one of my locals as our studio is just up the road! The food was amazing, fresh and healthy and everyone had a fantastic time as you will see proven now..


This is Wei groomsmen, Wei and his mum and dad at their place just after they got ready.

These little red sachets were their wedding favours and filled with chocolates. I ate mine hours before the ceremony. NAUGHTY me !


Wei's mum loves the piano. She plays it and also loves listening to it. Here some beautiful shots of her in her element


Wei can't really play but still looks good when pretending..hah!

Back at Shanshan's place things are getting closer.. her dress waiting to be worn..



Her golden shoes...very cute!


Shanshan making her way up to put on her dress..






This is their guestbook. Really something different I thought!

Some beautiful roses for her bouquet..

Shanshan has such a natural elegance. I love so many of her shots that I'd love to share all of them with you...this is just a small selection though..





And time for the ceremony at Old St Paul's







Shanshan arrives and a beautiful Rolls Royce
























After the ceremony we took off to take some photos at the parliament first..




very cool shot of them both...



















After that we went to the South coast of Wellington, one of my favourite spots there..








After that we went to a friend's place for Shanshan to change into her chinese wedding dress. It looked amazing and was a fantastic transformation. Their friend had this beautiful house with a gorgeous garden, a perfect setting for the photo shoot..








Back at the Grand Century Chinese Restaurant the tables are ready for everyone to arrive and enjoy..



Wei works for Mainzeal and more or less invited the entire company to his wedding. It was a lot of fun and great to see many of them get up for speeches.






The cake cutting was fun..

Some of the men from work having their photo taken with Wei...check out the two middle guys...he with finger in the others ear...nice manners ;-)

Time for the first dance


A friend even sang a song for them, really nice thing to do I thought!

Some great moments during their first dance. I think this is love!


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Happy Easter everyone,