Claire and Mark's Wedding at Tarureka Estate

Hi All What a fantastic wedding season this year. Today I want to show you how Claire and Mark spent their St Patrick's Day this year....they tied the knot at Tarureka Estate in Featherston.

Everything about this gorgeous wedding was about the detail. There was not one stone unturned and no thought and wish unfulfilled in my opinion. It took two of us to capture the depth of this wedding to it's fullest... From custom bridesmaids bags to stunning scrapbooking and handmade doors signs. Claire and Mark together with their family and friends had a fantastic and unforgettable time creating this weekend of a lifetime to celebrate the love for each other.

With these words in mind, let's look at some beautiful proofs..

Her shoes...simply elegant

This is the bride Claire. Love this shot as it captured the brush stroke wonderfully..


Claire and her beloved furry baby Teddy...he is a real character!

One of the things I really enjoyed was that Claire felt totally comfortable in front of the camera. She's naturally beautiful with a hint of cheeky sparkles in her eyes which comes through so nicely especially when relaxing about it the way she did.

I did say it was about the details...this was another one of them ....a little book on "Fortune Telling for Brides!!" Believe it or not she even found the time to read this before the ceremony...



Mark is the perfect match for the warm-hearted Claire. He surprised her by sending a little gift over to her house....just look how chuffed she is in the first image, then she reads his message which touched her heart and the last image shows her holding up the crystal shamrock Mark gave her

The bridesmaids dresses and shoes.


The custom bridesmaids bags carried around by bridesmaid Grace!

I call this shot of one of her bridesmaids "Blue Eyes"..






Claire's mum (who has the same voice as Claire!)

Another details. An engraved copper plate with some warm words as a gift for Claire's father on the day...unforgettable

A scrapbook of memories for Claire's mum to cherish forever..



The cute flower girl's dresses

Claire busying herself with writing personal Thank You notes and attaching them to some Thank You gifts for close family and friends..

well she did that until the cutest little people came in looking so gorgeous. I love the way her face lit up at the sight of the children..





Here the proof that she really read the fortune telling book for brides. no kidding! What a relaxing way to spend the last 20 minutes before walking down the aisle..

By now Claire is also a professional bunting maker! The entire estate including the ceremony and reception area was personalised with their theme. It looked just stunning!

Love this shot. Teddy keeping this lovely lady in tow!

Meanwhile the Loft is looking amazing like a fairytale I thought. The colours were very tastefully chosen..










This shot is quite something. These are the groomsmen doing a sound check. I love it how one of them stretches and is gazing out of the window in thought at its purity...





This ring plate was made by one of their closest friends from the UK....another amazing detail really


even the cards suitcase was pimped up in style!


Now at the boys place. It didn't really smell of roses like the girl's residence but hey!

Claire is so thoughtful and warm to have made Mark an unbelievably touching present the day before the wedding. This image show the waistcoat of Mark's which she had lined with the fabric of Mark's late father's favourite shirt. I had goose-bumps when they told me and hope this photo makes this gift justice.


Another present was this watch which was given to Mark by Claire's father for this occasion. He even had the wedding day engraved on the back...

And time for the ceremony in the Loft







I love this image of Claire...very photo-journalistic



















Some very good readings during the ceremony done by Sam

and her best friend from the UK





Look at the pride written on her smiley face..gorgeous!


This is everyone giving my rose-petal-throw-instructions a good go.


Sir Richard Taylor and his family were also among the close friends of the bride and groom..

The weather was simply stunning....this image of the late afternoon sun hitting my lens may proof that a wee bit

We went to one of the nearby Lake Reserves for some photos. It was really fun. I love this shot of everyone walking towards me and the little ones sprinting to get their first...very cute




First there were the boys having a great time throwing stones into the water...than the little fairy princesses came along...

to round them up and enjoy a little dance...interesting turn of events....
































And time for the reception to commence...












The tree dance by the groomsmen (and later joined in by the bridesmaids) made the history books....



The first dance





And a great farewell sparkler shot of everyone having a fantastic unforgettable weekend.


Thank you Claire and Mark for sharing your day with me.

Sabrina xx