Iva Lamkum's Debut Album Black Eagle releasing on August 24th 2012 - Photos by Sabrina Hyde

Hi there music lovers, I'm thrilled to finally show you some of the images I took of striking neo-soul singer Iva Lamkum for her debut album "Black Eagle".

It was a lot of fun working with Iva and her team and the images speak for itself.




A songs-as-storybook collection of half a decade day-to-day experiences, Black Eagle consists of a series of deeply personal, yet universally relatable meditations on family, hard-work, internal conflict, the loved and the loveless.

Drawing stylistically on elements of roots reggae, folk, rock, funk, indie and beyond,the album repositions Iva, an artist oft viewed under a neo soul light, within a borderless musical world.

To celebrate the release of the album, Iva is embarking on her first national tour. Kicking off the tour in Iva’s hometown Wellington with a massive album release party on August 24th!

For this special release party only some of the artists who appeared on the album will be  performing on stage with Iva and her full band. Guests such as Aaradhna, Bella Kalolo, Stephanie Paris, Winnie Baxter and Lisa Tomlins. As well as if that wasn’t enough, the line up also includes DJ Ayesha, Kemara Fuimaono, Jean Pompey and DJ Don Luchito.

The tour travels to Auckland, Raglan, Leigh, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Congrats to Iva and can't wait to listen into those new tracks.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone,