Jo and Pete - So Happy Together

Jo and Pete asked me to be their wedding photographer after they met me about a year ago. We had the engagement shoot where they brought that little treasure Toby along. Take a look at some of their engagement photos here. So finally last Saturday arrived and what a day it was! No wind and warm enough to not have to wear a cardi at all times.....pretty good for Welli, right?

We had the main part of the photo session before we took of to the ceremony at the Basin Reserve. Very nice venue, almost unusual but yet so unexpectedly good. From the outside you just see an old 70's Number of a building however step inside the longroom (that's what the reception room is called) and you be amazed how tastefully it has been renovated with romantic arches, candellabras and quality furnishings....and the best thing of all: Loads of photographs from cricket games held at the Basin around the 1920's....ooooh I just love looking at them.

The ceremony started with an eruption of the song "Happy Together" by the Turtles. Jo and Pete had the idea to ask their guests to sing her down the aisle with this song instead of playing the start button of a cd player....and wow what a spectacle it was! All of the 100ish guests sang, creating a sound and emotion that was so merry it made the entire bridal party dance down the aisle with such a joy that made them and especially the bride relax instantly. Even I was dancing along but had to watch those camera shakes....

If you think this was it, I have to dissappoint ;-) Jo and Pete and more fabulous ideas to keep their guests entertained whilst we had some more photos taken at the Basin. The had an entertainer who ran the crowd through a game of Trivia questions, which were pretty tricky. To only list one: "What the tallest grass in the world?" (Let me know your answer in the comments!) Trivia was followed by Bingo ...altogether a huge success making many guests jump up from their tables when they heard that they got something right....what a great way to connect with each other and losen everything up a bit. Well done, Jo and Pete.

Ok, let's show you some pictures of the day. I decided to only put up pictures of the photo session (and not the reception, mean isn't it?)