Matt and Irene - The Engagement

Music is love, especially for Matt and Irene whose life is full of and music. They both play in a brass band. Matt is the real professional player and Irene just started up playing the bass which I find a super-cute sign of her love for Matt and music!

We had the engagement shoot at Seatoun beach where they brought their instruments along. You can see them being featured in many of the shots what I couldn't capture though was the amazing sound that I was lucky enough to hear whilst photographing them as they weren't pretending the playing....nope they really did play many tunes and songs and it was an amazing outdoor experience not just for me but also for many beach and sun lovers that day who either stopped and gazed or commented on the gorgoeous sight and sound of Irene and Matt.

The photos reflect all the happyness and fun we had. Their wedding is in April so keep your eyes open for some more images of them.

Hope you love these images. Your comments are always welcome.

Have a great week,