Andrew and Tomoko - In the vines

Andrew and Tomoko's wedding was simply magnificent. They decided to celebrate their special day with their family and a couple of their closest friends which had the wedding party come up to about 13 people. Having such an intimate wedding really required the extra special venue, the Tirohana Estate Martinborough, which gave them the most gorgeous backdrop (see how I mention the looks first...I guess in my eyes it's all about the photos first...right?!), warm service (I mention this second because Toby and Saranne from Tirohana really looked after everyone and even made me feel very special by serving me the most gorgeous Goat Cheese Salad followed by lamp fillet that made my mouth water....all of this accompanied by their delicious Pinot Noir which I enjoyed sitting in the warm evening sun on their cozy terrace.

I really wanted to tell you their whole wedding story today which is why I will be putting up many more shots than you saw me show previously. One reason is that lots of Tomoko's family and friends are still in Japan so that they will be itching to see what her day was like.

Tomoko looked like a true princess on the day, she even behaved that way in her calm and relaxed way which saw her getting ready with her friends and mum over a period of four hours which we all spend in and around the Tirohana Estate's Colonial House.

So let's visualise all we go:

The gorgeous vista of the Tirohana Estate Colonial House where Tomoko and Andrew got ready

You won't believe it but Andrew and Tomoko made this cake themselves a day before. Just this ritual alone strikes me as extremely special as it truly was a combined act to make the cake for their family and friends. Andrew meant: "At least we know the cake will be yummy"...this was actual only cake one...they also made a tower of matching cup cakes which you will see in the end during the cake cutting. Andrew and Tomoko were so sweet and gave me a couple in the end of the night to take home (well that was the idea...only one made it home however didn't survive the night as I just couldn't have it go off). I have to say: "OMG" this cake was one of the best wedding cakes I have ever eaten. Moist, creamy and chocolady caramelly. I think (and Andrew you may correct me!) it was a Teddy Bear cake....well I'd love this recipe and believe if they ever need to make some extra bucks then go and advertise this cake....hmmmmmmm

And here the gorgeous flowers and the most tenderest of colours....ivory and subtle rosey pink....matching her dress perfectly. All made by Bunches in Wellington and freshly delivered to Martinborough on the day. Isn't that great service!

And here what you have all been waiting to see...the first peek of the dress (from Brides on Thorndon)still hanging on the bedroom mirror waiting to be worn by the gorgeous Tomoko.

The shoes! They may seem a little plain here but wait for the true japanese style spice-up soon...

So here the recipe to spice-up your shoes true Tomoko-style! Have these extremely cool striped and rouged socks which gives your high heel this extremely cool inner border. The put these strappy things (you see that I don't even know what they are called!, thankfully I took a picture!) around the shoe which is just the most gorgeous feature I have seen in a long time. Totally versatile and just so beautiful. Everything combined is super comfy and gorgeous at the finished look....aren't they cute?

Tomoko having her nails done by her beautiful bridesmaid...

The other fascinating thing was the speed and elegance in putting their hair up in the most gorgeous way without needing a hair artist! All the girls did their own hair in a matter of minutes looking...and wow....they looked a million dollars! (I wished I could do that to my hair!)

And here the gorgeous bride a few minutes after having finished her own braided hair do....last touch-up's done by her bridesmaid. Beautiful Tomoko!

And here the groom Andrew...all ready and dressed (he also broke all Guiness Book Speed records!) and marvelling at their gorgeous rings which will soon be on their fingers forever...

Personally I just love this shot of Tomoko looking at Andrew for the first time after her hair and Make-up was finished. Her emotion is captured beautifully. (BTW, Andrew kept coming up with new things he needed from the bride's bedroom whilst she was getting ready. Very cute....I think he just had to get his dose of Tomoko every few minutes....a healthy thing to be addicted to...

This is one of the best moment's of a bride's wedding day....seeing herself in her dress ready to hit the aisle to wed her love. Princess Tomoko..

And ready to go..

The ceremony was right under the big tree at the Tirohana Estate. An amazingly tranquil setting to tie the knot. Here you see Tomoko saying her vows to Andrew...

and here everyone overlooking the vines..

Their first glass of champagne together right after the ceremony..

and off we went for a photo shoot in the was a super warm and sunny day and we had a great relaxing time which is what you can really see and feel when looking at their images...

Now it was time to mingle and enjoy a fantastic evening with their family and friends, great food and wonderful wine at the Tirohana Estate.

You have seen the Estates beauty from the outside but what about the reception room....well, take a look at these amazing colours:

Andrew and Tomoko added another nice personal touch (the first personal touch was baking the cake together, remember?) They wrote a personal custom message for their family and friends into each of their name cards which everyone just loved. I can't tell you but it must have been something dear to their hearts judging from everyone's reaction.

And finally the cake cutting (Tip: Check out their matching cup cakes!)

Congratulations Andrew and Tomoko and thanks for looking after me so well on the day !