Danielle and Andrew's Wedding - It just felt right!

Here the story: Danielle and Andrew are some very dear friends of mine....so you can imagine how happy I was when they asked me to photograph their big day! I spent lots of time with Danielle as she and her bridesmaids got ready. They have this wonderful cat called Bruce which is just the best wedding accessory as she came "dressed" in just the right colour for the occasion and nearly matches Danielle's light blue eyes. After everyone was ready and the boys arrived we (and a bottle of champaign) jumped on the ex London Transport Double Decker bus for a wild ride to Island Bay.  Although Wellington weather let us down a bit you can't actually see the goose bumps the girls must have had whilst being photographed by me (wearing my warm down jacket ;-) The boys came equipped with the legendary Jessett humor and made all of us crack-up into laughter, it was hard to keep the camera still!  The photo session was followed by some mingling with their wedding guests at the Pines before the ceremony began. As the celebrant mentioned, Danielle made sure that all the fluff was cut down to a minimum....Andrew even tried to find a poem that would describe how he feels about Danielle but was unsuccessful because they are just a too unique. I will finish off with Andrew's sentence that simply described it all : "It just felt right!" Jessett_Blog_23

Take a look at the video slideshow to see more of their fantastic day...

[bubblecast id=286488 thumbnail=475x375 player=640x480]

Some more images of the day to look at whilst the video is buffering:



Here an image I took of Danielle's very cute niece Alexandra:


And the gorgeous girls:


and the boys: Jessett_Blog_20

And the bridal couple:


See many more photographs in the slideshow movie! Enjoy and leave your comments please.

Lots of love, Sabrina