Suzy and Wido - Their Day!

I find myself sitting on the couch in my studio with a nice hot cup of peppermint tea and some extremely lovely Lindt Petits Desserts chocolates ready to tell you Suzy and Wido's story. We celebrated their wedding last week, it was a typical hot and sunny Wellington day, no kidding!

Suzanne got ready at the Wellesley. The boutique hotel is an extremely quiet and laid back place  giving Suzy and her family the most gorgeous setting to get ready in.

So let's start right here with some images. Remember when you where in a nice hotel last and you can just hang up those: "Do not disturb" doorhangers....I don't know why but I just love them!

So equipped with my lucky charm The Wellesley happened to have them too and theirs was even better as it told you the shout of "DO NOT DISTURB" in 4 languages of which one happened to be German ...

That's why I couldn't resist to take this very nice shot of the door sign giving you a little sneak preview of Suzy's stunning dress.

So let's go in and disturb them :-)

Here a shot of her lovely flowers made by Bunches (those guys are busy as I see their flowers at so many weddings, no wonder as they are just beautiful and always exactly what you want.

This shot starts a little story actually. This is a quick snapshot I took of Suzy's sisters speech she put on the bed whilst she was getting ready. I loved all the little sheets of paper ala "Why using a large page when you can use lots of little ones" :-) That's not the story yet though..I will come back to it in a few pictures time.

And here she is, Suzy's sister and matron of honour Rebecca. The colour scheme was coral, which is just such a warm and gently colour. Rebecca's dress was coral coloured and I know you can't tell in this black/white shot, but let me tell you it suited her greatly!

Now that Rebecca has finished getting ready she started striding back and forth.....back and forth and back and forth....

In her very cute way (and you have to meet her to know what I mean) she walked over to her little sheets of speech, took them and walked over to the locker to do some changes. Me having a keen eye for great moments took the liberty to document it. Here Rebecca re-writing everything...

I also have a keen eye for details so found the fact that she was still bare feet very cute too

Then a few minutes later and well on time came Suzy's dad. Striding back and forth and being very excited. You could just feel it in the air! Your daughter's wedding must surely be one of the biggest things in a father's life.

It's just the greatest thing to discover similarities between yourself and your children. In their case I couldn't stop but smirk when I saw that Suzy's (and Rebecca's) dad started to re-write his speech (just after striding back on forth) who says that some things are not the genes? Instead of being bare foot he re-wrote his speech on a piece of paper he placed onto his thigh whilst standing. I thought that counts for originality! I also took the liberty to take a shot of it for memory's sake you know:

Time to see the gorgeous bride. She just had her Make-up finished and was gazing out of the bathroom window

I just love this shot as well of her dad supporting her when getting ready by holding her flowers (if that's not a hands-on dad!)....really adds that little bit a gentleness I think. Hope he forgives me for showing you this picture.

Ready, steady go to the church! Well not just any church but Old St Paul's.

Here you can see the bridal party (Suzy, Rebecca and Dad) driving in with their stunning JAG (thus the No. plate ;-)

I really like this shot as you can literally see Suzy butterflies (that where flying overtime in her stomach) in the way she looks out of the window at the church entrance.

The nice thing was when I ran into a fellow German Myriam, who organises events and wedding the  Old St Paul's. It was fantastic to talk and arrange things with her in German...felt even less intruding to the bridal party and guests as it was like a secret language. Although saying that: Wido's family (father's side) is from Holland so that they were probably able to eavesdrop..

The last moments before walking down the aisle, one of the moments to treasure

Wido and the guests waiting patiently..

And down they walk together

Another great moment, the last kiss and hug between Suzy and her really represents and symbolises a lot....the start of a new era

Shortly after making their vows to each other they had their candle ceremony. I sneaked in from the side an caught Wido's extremely happy face here....

I love this shot of Suzy looking up at Wido whilst signing the register....she couldn't look happier

And another great moment is walking down the aisle together and united....

Then outside of the church before all their guests made it out...the first private hug. Congratulations!

And congratulations from a photo of the entire wedding party

We spent a bit of time on the St Paul's Grounds which are great for photographs as well...

I'll let the following images speak for themselves...

weren't these images just amazing? This was part one, thus now to part two, Oriental Bay. It was a stunning day and a great choice to enjoy a light picnic and a glass of champagne

I just love the warm light in these ones...

This one is another of my favourite images that express their love and happiness together

Their bridal party had a good way that is. All of them were really good value and heaps of fun to be around....we all squeezed into my car as we went to the different locations. I really enjoyed that as we could have a good chat and get to know each other a bit.

And off to the Wellesley. They are having some amazing arrays of colourful flowers at their windows at the moment which really sets up the look of the gorgeous old-fashioned building. We only took a few shots here as Wido and Suzy where really keen to mingle with their guests....fare enough!

So in they's just the best feeling to enter the hall and everyone is cheering and clapping. Time to celebrate!

The lovely lady in this picture tried to constantly dodge every image I was trying to (sneakily) take of her....I did get this great shot of the couple together. Maybe it changes their mind for future similar occurrences as you are both super photogenic and natural..

Here a private moment during the reception. It's nice to take some time out here and there and watch things for afar.

Suzy with some of her close family. They admired her ring just a few minutes prior...hmmmmm

Meanwhile Wellesley's busy bee's are giving their reception room upstairs the last touch of perfection..

Another lovely touch: Suzy and Pascal brought the framed engagement image I captured of them in my studio a while ago and placed it on a window sill next to their guest book.... What a very special idea... for me and for you :-) Thank you!

And the cake cutting....this cake smelled devine and filled the room with a sweet scent....yumm

Another great series of images of Suzy waiting to enter the reception room. Their guests were being seated and Wido was refreshing himself also....whilst Suzy and I filled our time by dancing in the foyer...Life is beautiful!

This was their story. I hope you enjoyed it. Here one last image of their rings in the place they should be... Congratulations to Suzy and Wido!

Sabrina xox