Nicola and Greg - The White House full of Love

Nicola and Greg's wedding was photographed by Jenny and Matt for me. They had a fantastic day. It was again one of those new-age muggy days in Wellington...(maybe a result of Global Warming?)

So let's take a look and start with one of the loveliest images

A very elegant and thoughtful image of Greg in the Begonia House....(I hope Nicola likes it!)

It was a wee bit rainy too which gave Jenny the great opportunity to add a touch of colour with her extremely pretty retro umbrella!

The idea of going to the Begonia House and the Law School was very last minute. Both locations are just amazing and full of gorgeous spots for amazing images even if the weather isn't.  Jenny's umbrella  happened to tone in with the Nicola's amazing a taste of it..

I just love the feeling and setting of this image..very romantic

I like the amount of fountains that play part of their images. It adds a lot and almost makes you wonder what it fountain what might have been natural rain...

In this case the water was clearly coming from below which means it was a fountain ;-)

This is also one of my favourites. An image full of emotions and warmth. I could really see as wall-art to treasure every day.

I kept the order of Nicola and Greg's day as I find it really important.

We are now taking a closer look at their ceremony followed by their wedding breakfast at The White House on Oriental Bay.

Nicola was just radiating her excitement and happiness. Here the proof..

Nicola and Greg had a very romantic ceremony.  They wrote their own vows which were unique to them and very moving. You probably saw it already but instead of using black and white images I decided to go for a sepia toning to add a little extra warmth and old-fashioned charme which was what I felt when I saw their images for the first time.

The next image shows them right after the ceremony....that's when the butterflies in your stomach were replaced by the pure joy of just having tight that knot! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

The last image said it again...The White House. The White House stands for a lot of things. One of the biggest is most important (apart from the gorgeous building and setting) is the FOOD. Jenny and Matt didn't just stay in the reception room but also went the extra mile and had a closer look behind the curtains to find the chef preparing some of those mouth-watering dishes for Nicola and Greg's wedding party.

I did say "Mouthwatering!" in the last image but here a little more detail and colour..

There was also a very pretty cake which was literally at the tip of the iceberg...

the iceberg of cup cakes...hmm would have love to have tried one of those!

And the final cut of the cake...(don't mess with Nic and Greg btw!)

And the most perfect farewell shot from the wedding party at the White House

Congratulations Nicola and Greg!

Happy New Year to all of you

Take care

Sabrina xox