Leanna and David - To take it all in

It's close to midnight and I'm sitting here in my studio (with an open door to the balcony!) on this absolutely perfect windstill summer night in Wellington, yes I know, it sounds almost to good to be true but you know the saying: You can't beat Wellington on a good day, and how true this is! I have spent this evening deciding on which images to show you of Leanna and David's wedding as there are so many lovely ones that it's just hard to only show you a small selection.

This wedding was very special due to lots of things. One is that I really much enjoyed the way Leanna enjoyed her day by really taking everything in. The second best thing after that was the way that David was, and I shall quote him from his speech: "The luckiest man on this planet when he saw Leanna walking down the aisle". The 3rd best thing were all their guests and the fantastic party they all had. I do have to mention here that David comes from a huge family of 12 siblings.....which means he was one of 13! Can you believe that!  Being truly from Ireland (Leanna brought him back to NZ as her souvenir!) "only" 5 of his siblings could make it to the wedding. Well, what can I say, these 5 siblings combined with more relatives AND again combined with Leanna's kiwi family and friends let things rock! Go the Irish-Kiwi marriages :-)

So let's take a peek into their day.

Leanna got ready in The Duxton. She hired this gorgeous suite their which was just stunning and large that it really showed off the rich furniture and dressings after their recent refurbishment. I find as with everything in life it's about those little details that really make the difference. The first image I would like to show you is a details that Leanna and we all loved on the day. Although  Leanna wasn't having her ceremony or reception at the Duxton they still went the extra-mile to make her day special. One thing they did for instance were this super-cute kissing towel swans that make up a heart shape right on the bed. By the time I got there Leanna had already taken them carefully off the bed and placed them onto the chaise to preserve them for David to see later as it's just one of those things that make you realise that's it's the most special day in your life!

You could smell the lillies Leanna's bouquet was made of when you got into the room. Woodstock did a fantastic job in making the bouquet just the perfect size and subtle look to really blend into Leanna's colour scheme. Just loved them!

and the dress which hardly needs the comment of being just gorgeous as the picture speaks for itself..

This was one of those special moments to observe during the getting ready. Leanna really wanted her mum to help her put on her dress. This image shows her calling her to find out where the h*ck she is (in a super-cute Leanna way)

Meanwhile I was taking some stunning images of her accessories.....it's nice being a girl..hmmmm

Mum arrived and did a lovely job of getting Leanna ready to walk down the aisle...

last touches to the dress..

And ready she is...

although there is nothing better than a big hug with your mum when you just got ready.

I always find that hugging is one of the most basic ways to express and release your joy as well as butterflies on the day...it's a reall powerful thing. And aside from that it's a beautiful sight as you can see in this image..

I love this finishing shot of the final touch of putting on her earrings...she couldn't look happier

And now time for mum's final touches....the hat. I think not everyone may look great with a hat.... but she really pulls it off!

Mum was followed by Leanna shortly after who was doing the absolute final adjustments....gorgeous

Dad arrived in the meantime which was another great joy for Leanna. You could just see the pride in his eyes..

The following shot shows the other little helpers of the day: matron of honor Julie next to Leanna, next to Sarah and Kathleen. This photo was one of the last shots I took before heading of to the ceremony.

The ceremony was at St Mary's of the Angels. It was an extremely fortunate and unusual sight on the day to have Boulcott Street emptied of cars. I guess you are wondering...how did Leanna and David do that. Well it was more a coincidence as they were doing road works on the day of their wedding. The workers however were very accommodating for any kind of "on the road" shots which was awesome for me :-) Thank you lovely Wellington roadworkers!

Here one of those precious moments that no-one but me experienced. It's always an amazing thing to capture those moments that would otherwise be lost.

Leanna's car had just turned around the corner and the priest and some of her dedicated friends and family were trying to catch a first glimpse of her arrival...precious and exciting moment as they were literally running inside a second later to take their seats

At the same time the music has started. I couldn't help it but photograph the organist who spoiled us with the sounds that filled the entire church. He was one of those people that just blended into the background like magic as he changed places from being on the balcony playing the organ (as captured below) to magically taking position at the piano in front of the altar during parts of the ceremony.

And down I ran to see the bride arrive...

Barry Scannell, Parish Priest at St Mary of the Angels, was just fantastic on the day as well as during the preparation of their ceremony. I loved his care for them and his involvement. You can see him on the following image awaiting Leanna's arrival and smiling at her as she walks out of the car

Gorgeous shot of Leanna walking up. It was a windy day which just adds I believe....I love how the vail dances around her head

The last moments before walking down the aisle. For a bride and everyone else standing here, it's the peak of excitement

I personally always love photographing the moment the priest walks down the aisle to announce the arrival of the bride. It's this almost surreal moment which starts the ceremony

I mentioned before how I felt that Leanna was really taking it all in on the day. I find that her look and smile really speaks for that and makes you happy that she is absolutely living and loving every moment of it

The following image is majestic as it captures the entire greatness of St Mary's and their ceremony

In the following image you can see Leanna's mum and David's aunty proceed to the altar to light the one candle Leanna and David will use to ceremonically link their families together through their candle ceremony

I love the way Leanna and David look at each other and hold their hands in the next image..it says everything

They had a full service and still added their own touch by having this heavenly singer spoil us with songs throughout the ceremony. The accoustics are just fantastic without the need for amplification. See the piano player? As I told you before it's the organist who magically appeared in front of the piano just minutes after he played at the organ to accompany the lovely voice with some piano tunes....

I mentioned how much I appreciated Priest Barry's involvement. He really did things a little different to others. One of his touches was to leave Leanna and David "breathe" in their own space by standing unobtrusively at the same level as their closest family (first row) instead of between them. At first it may seem like "hmmm" but it really makes a difference for two reasons I think: Leanna and David never lost their eye contact during their ceremony which makes it very intimate and puts the attention back to the core of what this bond they are about to make is really about. The second reason is that I felt that by Barry removing himself from the raised area of the altar he was representing a guide to god by allowing them to enter the bond as two in an initimate way. I hope this makes halfway sense, as it's hard to put into words...so here the actual images of their ceremony

and here looking at their family and friends for the first time as Mr and Mrs...it was probably very surreal for them...

The candle ceremony. I remember Leanna saying during the rehearsal: "I'm not sure if I will be able to not shake too much"...well you can see that she prefered to use both hands to hold the match which is very cute and makes clear why :-)

And here Barry giving his special blessing to the newly weds....another majestic moment I found

Leanna signing the registrar and looking radiant

They just couldn't stop looking at each other...here a long moment during Julie's signing of the register.

Another shot taken whilst Julie was still signing the register. I love how David looks at Leanna and how they are holding their hands tightly and simply everything about it...

I captured some outstanding moments of them walking down the aisle as they proceeded not being able to take their eyes off each other.

I adore how it all comes together in this image. Their expressions with the vista of the church and their guests in the background combined with the movement of their walk down the aisle...these images are well worth framing

So let's leave to have some more photos taken....I always look out for those reall moments. The following shots shows the bridal party leaving the church whilst being picked up by the gusty Wellington wind...gotta love it

David just adores her as well as her family's Austin Six....he looks very happy. The sepia toning of this image really sets it back in time. They were the first wedding couple to have used this car for their big day, so it couldn't be more special although there is more to the story which I will get to soon..

Our main stop for photos was the parliament which is just so versatile. The light combined with their gorgeous smiles make a fantastic portrait.

I'm quite photojournalistic in my approach which hit the spot by the vibrance of the next image..

The azurre blue of the bridemaids dresses was stunning....actually the whole bridal party was wonderful and great fun to be around..

Very cute image of the two

Although it was gusty the weather was absolely lovely and sunny. The garden was quite sheltered and the perfect spot for a picnic during the photoshoot....

I really like the feeling of the next image as well. It's timeless and very elegant and classy

I'm not sure if you saw that I am using a lot of black and white images to show their day...more than usual actually as I love colour a lot.  I just couldn't help myself with Leanna and David's images as Leanna has just the perfect snow-white look with her dark her and fair skin that make black/white images just pop....

Meanwhile the bridal party mingling in the gardens

I love the flair from the sun hitting the lens the next couple of images....it gives it an interesting light and vibrance

Coming back to the car. As mentioned before there is more to the story than "just" being the first wedding couple this car has ever driven around.

Leanna's great grandfather used to own this car when is was brand-new in the 1920's. It has been in her family for a long time then however was sold off at some stage. The years went by when her dad's cousin Roger Humphrey received a call one day from the current owner asking him if he would like to purchase the car off him again as he saw that the Humphrey family was the one family that owned the Austin for most of it's lifetime. So as you can see in these images Roger said: YES please! and continued the family tradition. The following shot shows Leanna trying to get it going and David giving his mental support...

As the car had such a strong meaning to them we really took our time capturing some stunning images of the two..

And here with Roger Humphrey who was driving them on the day, absolutely lovely man and a great company

And off we rushed to get to the reception...in they went like the storm. This image is really capturing the celebration. Again I love how David keeps looking at Leanna always caring and taking in every moment

The cake looked was a white chocolate cake which smelled and look super yummy. I little piece fell off and Leanna put it back which was an "eat me" sign I couldn't have had resisted if I were her (actually I almost snapped it out of her hands..haha)

Oh I almost forgot to mention. The reception was at the Boatshed.  Jo Ni Choisdeabhla (it's an irish surname which is basically pronounced anything but what it's spelled like) did a fantastic job in helping to make the venue looks so stunning and have everything run so smooth.

The table settings and everything looked just beautiful

Leanna's dad giving his speech which was very heartfelt as well as funny at times. The best thing was also how he kept prompting some fellows in the audience if they would like to take over his speech as they were trying to tease with cheeky comments....good try to escape the speech dad!

And here David's dad giving his speech. I didn't catch every word due to his thick irish accent (amazing actually that I have still problems understanding some bits of it after having lived there myself...well some people just never get it). Everyone else did get it though as they were laughing. I just kept concentrating on taking pictures instead...good way out for me ;-)

And here David's speech. He was very much a natural which didn't surprise me. Having grown up in such a huge family would make this feel like the usual toast before an evening dinner back in Ireland....haha

He said some very lovely things about Leanna which is why he deserved this kiss from her very much..

The perfect finish to their story really...or should I say "start" (of a new era) as that's what it really is?

Have a fantastic rest of the week and please do leave comments to show me that you're out there!

Sabrina xox