The coolest, cutest or simply most gorgeous images taken during the CareVets Promo Day

Hi BLOG lovers, I thought to start this year with some very cute images of the pets I got to photograph during the CareVets promotion in mid December. So here we go, this is one of my absolute favourites: Dean with his Rosie


Little Molly was hardly bigger than her owners hand...hmmmm wanted to keep this little munchkin:


Jet was really loving his photo session. He was the overall posing winner:


This was by far the most exotic of all pets that came along and it could talk!


And here the first image ever with both of them shown at once without any teasing (from the bird that is!)


Koby was just the best behaved we fella. He was so wonderfully placid I could have photographed him for hours. Look at him, isn't he gorgeous?:


And here some of the funniest faces some of them pulled.......  :-D




There were also these really cute white kittens for sale in the shop. Everybody just loved them:


And here the girls from Radio ZM 91.0 proving that this was their most enjoyable promotion ever:


Well done lovely pet owners. Thanks so much for bringing your pets along!

Which image is your favourite? Place comments under this post please.

Happy New Year to all of you out there! It'll be a great one so keep checking for new posts often!

Sabrina xox