Leeanda and Oukham - Simply Royal at Erskine

Leeanda and Oukham's wedding took place a few weeks ago on one of those windy Wellington days which gives loads of shots that right amount of vibrance and gusto! So, what I'm trying to say is: don't think bad about wind! Jenny photographed this wedding for me and when I met with her afterwards she was full of fun filled and touching stories about the day which I will tell you about now.

Leeanda got ready at home with her closest family. She had this absolutely amazing dress that looked even better when she wore it...

What I like most in this shot is that it's really an environmental image. With this I mean it's not just about the dress but also about the environment it is in. In this image it's the warm family feeling that makes you feel warm in your heart. Look at those framed photographs of the family, their wedding days and their children. Seeing Leeanda's wedding dress there really makes me feel that's it's in the right place, just like Leeanda is with a great family to go with it.

This is Leeanda's gorgeous hand holding the pins for the Hair and Make-up artist. I know I'm making it very exciting to reveal my brides, but believe me it's worth it. And more than that, her pretty french nails deserve to be admired as they can be sometimes the little details that the general observer can miss. I'd love to have nails like this every day, I'm sure I'm not the only one, huh?

I love this image of Leeanda getting ready. You really see the commotion that was captured. It's all go, just the way it really is on the day. Up beat, fun with a little bit of time pressure and butterflies in your tummy...

This is one of the cutest Leeanda snack options. I think she has a love affair with chocolate buttons. It's actually not a bad thing, they are so tiny which means that you can eat more although you're not.  The gummy bears look good. Being German, I have to say they don't look like the orginal Haribo's to me, but hey...just kidding, I'm sure they're just as tasty! (I hope Jenny had some) I think the banana was only decoration to add some more colour ;-) and the nail polish is just a typical girly thing....could have been a shoe too, which would have made total sense to us girls

Sister love! As only your sister will look after you this well. I just adore this image

And let's go and take a look at what the boys are doing. In this image you can see the groom Oukham check out another surprise note Leeanda left him...very cute

Time to put the tie on!

and another note, this time from the laptop..

It's fantastic to see the different things couples share. Like hobbies and interests.

Leeanda and Ouks are both really into vintage cars. Actually I'm not even sure if 'vintage' is the right term, I'd personally probably rather call it retro, as vintage makes me think of the 19 hundreds.

Here a shot of Ouk's grooming the car with his groomsmen, I like the hands-on-ness about it. (And see how the tie is hanging over one of the helper's shoulders....that effect was done by the wind...tricky huh?)

Meanwhile Leeanda is getting really close to being finished with the make-up. She's such an elegant being, just wonderful to photograph (and I share this opinion with Jenny)

And finally time to put on this gorgeous dress I showed you earlier..

Ready, steady go and off they went to the ceremony at the Erskine Chapel.

One of the nice things at Erskine is that they have this room that kind of feels as if it's only there for brides to have there last few minutes before they go down the aisle to themselves, the ponder about life or to have that last look into the mirror. It's a nice thing as you could even close the door if you wanted to for some privacy. Everyone is different and feels different in those last minutes before they say their vows to their beloved. No matter which kind of person you are, do what you feel like, it's your day!

Personally I think Leeanda looks like a true princess in this image, 'simply royal' (if that actually goes together)

As I mentioned in the first image of Leeanda's wedding dress amongst all those family memories, her family plays a big part in her life and also on her wedding day. That's why Leeanda didn't stay in this room by herself but had all her closest people with her. Just love the feeling of excitement in this shot. I can just imagine how everyone was walking around adding to the commotion and energy of the room..

See how you can see everyone directly but Leeanda? That you can only see her as a mirrored image is almost surreal but describes without words that all these busy people you can see shaped her into the person she is today...(phew, sorry, for going that deep and reading so much into it)

Last breath before the big moment

And ready she is. As I mentioned before, everyone does things a little different. Leeanda was one of the most giggliest brides walking down the aisle....it was just great and you can just see it in every picture during the ceremony. Such a pleasure

Walking down the aisle must feel royal at Erskine Chapel, it's such a majestic building with an accoustics that it almost second to none in Wellington. As a bride these two things combined with looking at your future husband at the end of the aisle must make your heart run a little faster to say the least

There first few minutes together...just looking at each other..

A candle ceremony is a great way to symbolise the union of two people and with that two families. See Leeanda is still all smiles....

In this image, showing the final of the candle ceremony, I really like how her dress just blends into the surroundings, as if the chapel was just designed to accentuate her..

And another highlight....the kiss.

A great walk down the aisle when the butterflies have left your tummy and the pure feeling of joy has settled in to stay for a while. If you could 'hear' the image the sound of the clapping would really cause you goosebumps now as Erskine is just fantastic for that

Here the entire wedding party

And now we come to their images around Erskine..

Another series of my favourite 'in the moment' shots

The next few shots are sublime and you may think that Leeanda just jumped out of a fashion magazine. I did warn you that she has elegance and that certain x-factor

Meanwhile the boys are commenting on the happenings of the day....

A fantastic shot of the sisters together

The following series is another of my favourite shots. Vibrant, refreshing and just beautiful

Remember how I told you at the start how the wind really added it's own spirit to the images. The following series is one of those. I couldn't decide which one to like better, so I thought I better show you both then

What do you think. Isn't it just magical how the wind just too her veil and hugged them both into this silhouetty image?

The following images are also precious to me as they just make me feel warm around the heart

I like how the spotlight of the sun seems to only shine on them in this image. The rays of sunlight coming through the trees is gorgeous and really makes her dress light up

At one point Jenny set off the car alarm whilst trying to take some shots inside one of the vintage cars - luckily nobody seemed to mind!

The grounds of Erskine are very versatile. There is hardly a need to leave the premises for photos as there are so many nice spots

I really nice image of the two together..

This image would look even better as an enlarged print or canvas in their home. It is just wonderfully captured with the Erskine grounds and building as its backdrop

And the rings. Looking at this image and their differences in skin shades reminds me of my husband and I as we're pretty much that different too

I also love this image, quite the voyeur yet so romantic, so why not!

the looks says everything

And this is one of those "she popped out of a fashion magazine'" type shots again. Wonderful radiant beauty

Meanwhile the kitchen is really busy with preparing some extremely mouthwatering canapes..

Erskine reception room is also full of character. The staff of Erskine lead by Paula did an amazing job in making it all look just splendid.

The cake cutting

and the party started!

There is one more thing I haven't told you yet and that is that Leeanda is expecting! I'm absolutely thrilled for them and hope the have the chance to photograph their new baby mid year.

That's why I finish this off with a picture of just one little flower....the symbol of the new life she is carrying inside her tummy.

Congratulations to a great couple and your fantastic future together as a family.

Lots of love

Sabrina and Jenny