Happy Monday!

Some gorgeous shots that might make you smile:



Have a great week!


Audrey’s Family

Hi Everyone,

I photographed little Audrey a few weeks ago at her home. We had a lot of fun especially when we let their cheese-eating dogs lose!








Snuggle up with your sunshine on dark and rainy days like these!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been days and days of rain and I feel that it’s really starting to affect people’s moods!

So I took on the wee mission of digging into my stacks of gorgeous shots that may lift your spirits a bit..

I found this magical image of Meghana with her partner that reminded me that rainy days can also be a fantastic days!

Days to stay in together, put the fire on, cook something warming and do the dance of life and romance together. The world can take a spin without you for a day, I’m sure!

To all those beautiful couples out there. Enjoy and have a happy rainy Thursday!



Baby Caoimhe PLUS competition to win a photoshoot so READ ON!

Hi Everyone,

I had a beautiful newborn shoot the other week I wanted to share it with you.

Baby Caoimhe visited me only 8 days old…I was intrigued by her name so thought to test you all to see if it’s only me who had no clue how to pronounce her name!

So today’s competition is:

The first 10 who tell me how to pronounce her name on our Facebook Page will win a FREE, yes FREE PHOTOSHOOT plus $50 credit towards prints or framed prints!*

PS: And YES, you do have to “Like” our page AS WELL AS this competition on Facebook to get into the draw….but that’s a give in, isn’t?

So click away and tell me how to pronounce her name, PLEASE!

Here her gorgeous photos by the way:


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Dany and Matt’s Family

Hello everyone,

I just thought to share these beautiful family photo session with you. It was one of those fantasticly calm and warm Wellington days when we had this shoot at Otari Wilton’s Reserve. It was a lot of fun for the kids to explore the reserve and be photographed at the same time. A magical spot, perfect for a summer picnic to finish off with as well.

Enjoy these images:

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Georgia and Julia

Hi there

This image of the sisters goes right under the skin




Hi there

I have been neglecting the blog a little over the last few weeks so that I thought to try and be better during this last big week before the big holidays start.

I just wanted to quickly show you a few images of Lucy who is a young cellist. It was very special having her play in our studio as the sounds made our former church come alive..the high studs really help.

I told her she can come by any time to play for us and our clients…there is hoping we may get lucky again!