Happy Monday!

Some gorgeous shots that might make you smile:



Have a great week!


Audrey’s Family

Hi Everyone,

I photographed little Audrey a few weeks ago at her home. We had a lot of fun especially when we let their cheese-eating dogs lose!








Glorious Wednesday from Baby Polly

I just saw my lovely accountant Di who is about to have her baby daughter any day from now.

I took this photograph of baby Polly a few weeks back and thought what a nice way to

wish all mum’s of beautiful babies a wonderful day with lots of cuddles!




Baby Caoimhe PLUS competition to win a photoshoot so READ ON!

Hi Everyone,

I had a beautiful newborn shoot the other week I wanted to share it with you.

Baby Caoimhe visited me only 8 days old…I was intrigued by her name so thought to test you all to see if it’s only me who had no clue how to pronounce her name!

So today’s competition is:

The first 10 who tell me how to pronounce her name on our Facebook Page will win a FREE, yes FREE PHOTOSHOOT plus $50 credit towards prints or framed prints!*

PS: And YES, you do have to “Like” our page AS WELL AS this competition on Facebook to get into the draw….but that’s a give in, isn’t?

So click away and tell me how to pronounce her name, PLEASE!

Here her gorgeous photos by the way:


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Dany and Matt’s Family

Hello everyone,

I just thought to share these beautiful family photo session with you. It was one of those fantasticly calm and warm Wellington days when we had this shoot at Otari Wilton’s Reserve. It was a lot of fun for the kids to explore the reserve and be photographed at the same time. A magical spot, perfect for a summer picnic to finish off with as well.

Enjoy these images:

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Georgia and Julia

Hi there

This image of the sisters goes right under the skin



Wellington Phoenix Captain’s newest fan

Hi everyone,

If you have been following the Wellington news and are a Wellington Phoenix supporter you may have heard that Andrew Durante and his wife Sarah had a beautiful baby girl Adalyn some weeks ago. We photographed this special time of their life from the pregnancy to the finale of little Adalyn.

After spending some time with Andrew, Sarah and little Adalyn Durante it’s difficult to say who is the bigger fan of whom. All that I felt was that they are all in love and feel very blessed for having each other. Their wee darling girl was only a few days old when I met her for the first time.

The following images are some of our favourites..enjoy.

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Paddy’s Girls

Hi there,

this time I want to show you some images I captured of Paddy and his gorgeous family. The moment I met them you knew how close this family is which is something I really wanted to come across in their images.

Jessie, one of his daughters called this first shot…The Sandwich!! Haha…quite fitting I thought but also something that just makes you smile every time you look at it.


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Hi everyone,

Little Adelaide and her family visited me in my studio a few weeks ago…I fell in love with her straight away as her mum Rosannah plopped her sleeping beauty right in front of my lens….and this is one of the first shots I took of her that day

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Little blossom Eve with her Korowai

Eve’s nana Kenney-Jean asked me to take some images of her grand-daughter Eve a few months ago. It was a gift to her daughter-in-law for her first mothers day. Very lovely idea.

Eve was such a treasure to have around. I think she also wanted to make her mum the gift of some unforgettable memories as she was just the sweetest little thing throughout the entire shoot.

Kenney-Jean brought a korowai  (Maori feather cloak) with her for the shoot which was an amazing piece to capture alongside the warmth of this family.

Here some true heirlooms that will pass through this family’s generations


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