Anne's Elegance and Coco Chanel's advice to all women..

This is Anne I photographed a few weeks back. She made me think about elegance and what it means to me.

To dress elegant is to make a sense that makes an individual feel bursting with delight for oneself and others. It is certainly not a matter of showing off one's finery; many of us don't even have fine clothes. Dressing with elegance is a simple matter of showing respect through subtlety and simplicity.

A truly stylish woman may sift through the trends but she is certain that style is more important than fashion. Being elegant is not about brands but rather about items that flatter the figure. It is about imagination that represents understated glamour, of being selective, exquisite, and delicately tasteful.

In this modern times, everybody can look elegant in inexpensive clothes... even the rich buy them too. As Coco Chanel once said, "Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress."   

While elegance can make a strong impression, it does not enter the race of glamour to impress people. It refuses the approach on image over essence. True elegance speaks by displaying effortless beauty presenting that which is quiet, steady, and genuine. Therefore, despite the artificiality of the world today, elegance is still concerned with the quality of being honest, and not pretense.

Best of loveliness to the many elegant women around the world!