Iva Lamkum's Debut Album Black Eagle releasing on August 24th 2012 - Photos by Sabrina Hyde

Hi there music lovers, I'm thrilled to finally show you some of the images I took of striking neo-soul singer Iva Lamkum for her debut album "Black Eagle".

It was a lot of fun working with Iva and her team and the images speak for itself.

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Mountain Biking Photography at Woodhill

Hi Everyone, I had a lot of fun photographing recreational sports for Skills Active

Take a look at some Mountain Biking in Auckland's Woodhill Mountain Bike Park. Apart from beeing skilled riders the guys from Woodhill had vast knowledge of the park which helped us a lot finding the most picturesque spots.

Here some real party tricks of theirs:

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The Cuba Creative Team

Hi there, just a quick Hello this morning as I really want to show you these very groovy environmental images of the Cuba Creative team.


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Emily an up and coming Opera Singer

Hi everyone, another late night in the studio for me which still couldn't stop my excitement about showing you these beautiful images of Emily, an opera singer currently based in Wellington.

Emily loves vintage clothing so has this array of absolutely intriguing dresses. Three of them are featured in these shots.


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Andy and Ryan's Graduation

Hi Everyone, In May/June I was quite busy photographing graduations which was a lot of fun. I will publish lots of this years graduation images on my website soon however thought to give a little sneak preview of one of the shoots as I loved their story.

Andy and Ryan at Uni right at the start of their studies. Together they still are and finished the biggest step, their PHD together. It wasn't this season but already two years ago. When it was their graduation they were so busy with everything but organising to have some nice shots taken. So now, two years later as things have settled a bit, they hired their graduation gowns again to have some nice portraits of their special time taken by me.

Luckily Ryan studied law so that we had access to the law school which is just beautiful and filled with memories for so many of you.

So lets show you some of their favourite images:

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Bianca Andrew - Opera Singer

Remember one of my recent posts of Christina, an opera singer? A friend and fellow opera singer Bianca saw her images and just loved them and had the brilliant idea to want to have some gorgeous shots of herself too! That's when she contacted me, the New Zealand's famous opera singer photographer Sabrina Hyde! :-)

Bianca brought some very nice gowns along and was just a pleasure to photograph. She is full of character which is something that comes through in her images. One of her strength alongside the actual singing is the talent in actual stage performance.

But see for yourself!

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The amazing Mussel Expedition around the Sounds

Hi there, I received a booking for a wedding in the Queen Charlotte Sounds the other day which brought me back to my memories of the amazing Mussel expedition I was lucky to have been part of a few months back...

I was asked if I would like to photograph Southern Ocean's mussel factory as well as come along on a trip to the Queen Charlotte Sounds to visit the mussel farms where they source their mussels. Well, I was already all in so was amazed when there was more to come!

This was topped up by an al-fresco luncheon at the gorgeous Furneaux Lodge which was again followed by a the charter plane ride back to Wellington to put on a some nice evening attire to attend a private 9-course degustation dinner at and with Martin Bosley.

So lets wrap this story into some photographs I took on the day of photography heaven.

First stop: Southern Ocean's Mussel Factory in Christchurch. Luckily they have got away without damages and only minor injuries from the recent earth quakes so that they are still going strong to deliver shock-frozen mussels to the world that taste as fresh as if you just fished them out of the water of the Queen Charlotte Sounds...

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Alyse - Acting/Modelling Portfolio

Here some images of the beautiful and talented Alyse..

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Christina is an up and coming opera singer who asked me to take some images of her which she could use for promo material and as nice headshots. Like me, Christina is a red head which made it feel almost like a crime to lose the colour by having some black/white shots, so most are in colour.

Christina decided to wear her bright red dress as well as some matching lipstick which turned her into a real opera goddess you'd love to see and listen to on stage...

Opera is romantic and so are these images..

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Linus & Co

Here some real fun shots I took of Linus and his friends. Super vibrant and full of life!

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Some real fun staff shots

Markitable, a dynamic design and media agency in Wellington is revamping itself and will be bringing out a hot new website very soon. For this they asked me to take some shots of their staff members, products and their office.

So here a little taste of the staff shots. Each of them brought in an item they can relate to and which tells the viewer something about them...great idea, isn't it?

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Three Looks

Clare asked me to take some portraits of her for her business Curtain Call International. Clare has a very unique aura which I tried to capture with the headshots she needed.

As there are often occasions which require a different kind of feel of a photograph we took a lovely mixture of shots that would help her promote her business in many directions and ways.

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