Makeovers and Glamour Photography

Women. If one thing could define us all, it is transformation. Our very life cycle is based on transforming from girl to woman to mother and, with any luck, to a great grand dame.  As we cycle through life, we face numerous challenges and celebrations and I love capturing women at every stage along the way.

Your makeover session with me isn’t a makeover in the traditional sense; it is something more than capturing one day of you looking great with your hair and makeup professionally done. That is only one part of it; we have an expert makeup and hair artist on hand to make sure you look your best.

But this is about something more. Life gives us markers in time, whether celebrations of accomplishment, like graduation, weight loss, or even birthdays. But as much as I love celebration photos, I also know that transformation can come from challenging times like divorce or end of a meaningful relationship, battling an illness like cancer or even the loss of someone close to us. Either way, success or hardship, it transforms us all.

I want to walk with you, even if for a short time, through your transformation and capture this moment. I believe that transformation, whether exciting or challenging, is when we will see the truest parts of ourselves.

This photo shoot experience is about finding your light through dark times or celebrating it for all to see.  

Makeover experiences start at $250.00 per photo session including Makeup and Hair services. You can purchase per image or a Portrait box set negotiated at your planning appointment.